God damn these guys are FAST! Neuronspoiler play their Power Metal at breakneck speed and throw in a ton of melody too!

Catching the NEW NWOBHM which is gathering momentum, the band is setting their sights on becoming the next Iron Maiden. Exploding out of London with a multitude of catchy riffs, powerhouse hooks and ram-your-fist-in-the-air-sing-a-long choruses, the new album Emergence ticks all the boxes and rocks like a motherfucker!

Emergence is nine tracks (and an intro) of classic Heavy Metal played with passion and vigour. Galloping drums-Check! Complex guitar solos – Check! Soaring vocals – Check! Headbanging potential – MAJOR Check! So much so that I went for a drive, because the sun had decided to make an appearance, when I stopped at the lights with Emergance blaring out of my car stereo, a passer-by stuck his head through the passenger window and demanded to know who the band was!


Standout tracks for me are the stomping “Through Hell We March”, the fantastic vocal licks on “Irreverent”, the slow head-bang of “Invincible Man” and the rip-roaring “Never Back Down”.

They are playing Southampton’s Firehouse on the 27th of September, be sure to catch ’em!
For fans of Dragonforce, Iron Maiden, Axel Rudi Pell, Helloween, Dendera.


Digital Resistance
Through Hell We March
Take the Stage
Invincible Man
Act of Defiance
Exempt from Privilege
Dying Worlds
(Just a Fool) On Your Way Up
Never Back Down


Words by Dan O’Gara

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