Dirtbox Disco

Brummie Punks Dirt Box Disco have a new LP entitled Legends, which looking at their blurb & influences,is what they aspire to be. This band wear their influences firmly on their sleeves and aren’t afraid to have fun with song titles and lyrics. Novelty Punk they’re certainly not-comedic though they are in abundance! LP opener “Dirtbox Days” starts with some frenetic drumming from Maff while Weab I Am’s vocals are clear and concise.

There’s a great big 80’s Post/Punk middle 8 in there although the lyric “Hooray it’s Dirtbox Day” is overlong towards the end,but a good start nevertheless. “I Am Rock n Roll” takes us down the Yank Punk route with a vocal not unlike Sum 41,while the song (to me) has a real Offspring feel to it.

Dirtbox Disco

It is anthemic almost in its entirety and one imagines a live favourite. “I Don’t Wanna Go Out With You” starts off all Andrew WK in the intro, while the full-on guitars and drumbeat keep with the Yank sound. I’m wondering if this song is an ode to a band members “old flame”? I reckon guitarist “Spunk Volcano” is the guilty party and band member in question! “I Just Want To Be A Girl” is comedic, tongue in cheek Punk. Not particularly challenging lyrically but one imagines a good singalong live tune. “I Wont Forget” is clearly another ode to “lost love” but the song itself is Punkier than the last, if a little repetitive. “Lets Get Wasted” is the LP highlight with its anthemic chorus “Come On, Come On, Lets get Fucking Wasted” – this is obviously their manifesto! Frenetic drumming throughout,accompanied by that big mid-80’s Rock middle 8 – it doesn’t disappoint. I look forward to singing it back to them sometime soon! “Peepshow” reminds this reviewer of the Misfits-comedy Punk with not particularly challenging lyrics, a noodly middle 8 and a tad repetitive throughout. “Psycho” remains in Misfits territory with a hint of Ska (at the start) but not Ska/Punk.

Dirtbox Disco

It’s a good song with some intricate chord changes in places. “Radio Radio” celebrates the joy of “listening to the radio”. Lyrically its as juvenile as it is simple although the Placebo-esque riff in the middle works a treat! “Smackhead” is proper Old Skool 2nd Generation Punk at its finest-machine gun drumming, 90mph guitars and a shouty chorus-another highlight. “The Other Side of the Street” stays in a similar vein with its easy to learn chorus and simple lyrics. “We All Fall Down” is Rezillos-esque with its shared vocal style and simple lyrics, sung in this shouty manner. “Rock n Rolla” is indebted to the Ramones and a good song to end with. The band name-check bands and influences and one can imagine this to be a good set closer live. With this LP there’s nothing new here while most of the songs seem to flow into the next. Room for improvement? Yes I’d say, but a decent LP with very good production. If I can give any advice its this – the band could do no worse than go a little further back regarding their Punk influences and not rely so heavily in the US Punk sound. However, they have a clutch of decent songs I look forward to hearing in the live arena. Legends? One day!

Dirtbox Days
I Am Rock n Roll
I Dont Wanna Go Out With You
I Just Want To Be A Girl
I Wont Forget
Lets Get Wasted
Radio Radio
The Other Side of the Street
We All Fall Down
Rock n Rolla



Review by Ross A. Ferrone

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