From Embers

Manchester post-hardcore quintet From Embers are gearing up for the release of their self-titled debut EP at the end of the month. Blending both carnal ferocity and slick clean melodies, this release is composed of everything any fan of the post-hardcore genre could want. Having shared the stage in the past including Don Broco, We Are Fiction, Deaf Havana, Young Guns and more, the Mancunian outfit also have the experience and drive behind them to take things all the way in support of this release and eventually stand shoulder to shoulder beside their peers.

…and this eponymously titled release places them firmly on that road.

From Embers

From the intial onslaught which is Crash & Burn, with the forcefully delivered vocals by Otto. As the EP progresses these screaming vocals are offset with harmonies that really highlight the underlying melodies. Although, the following tracks lack the opening ferocity, this does not mean they are with out merit. Far from it, this EP packs a powerful punch. This becomes apparent on Silence, where Jenna Clares vocals perfectly offset, and compliment the music. Closing with “Sorry…” this is an EP which cries out to be an album. These guys certaintly know their craft, and there is enough individuality in the EP to make them stand aside their peers and make their own path, especially in this ever growing genre of post-hardcore.

Line Up
Otto – Screams
MBH – Sings and Guitars
Jack Yorke – Guitars
Jack Warbrick – Bass
Oskar Volcano – Drums

Crash & Burn
I’ve Never Been Better (feat. Martin Day)
Silence (feat. Jenna Clare of Leopards)
Sorry, No Returns (Now Get Back On Your Knees)

From Embers

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Words by Jon.