Pump Action Radio

Sometimes we take our local music scene for granted, and we donít realise that there are bands out there which have been working hard as a unit for longer than you would think. Pump Action Radio fall under this label, as the local four piece, energetic pop rock band have been producing music and playing shows for the last four years. In this time, they have proved their relentless enthusiasm for blasting out their ever growing collection of eccentric punk anthems tinged with pop driven fragments.

After releasing two EP’s in the last four years, the band decided to pull out all the stops to create a single which met the standards they were after, and ventured to reputable studio The Ranch in Southampton.

So what can be expected from their new track? Well for a start they have up scaled their professionalism in both their quality of the recording as well as their song writing. The distinctive vocal qualities of front man Jimmy coincide ever so naturally with the punk driven riffs of the band. If you’ve managed to catch P.A.R. at a show, you will well and truly know that drummer Mat Jessop is not afraid to give his kit a beating! This track shows no change, as his thundering fills and solid patterns forefront the heavier tones to the band’s sound. The track is not only well written, but it is deceptively catchy in both the verse and the chorus, meaning I found myself singing along after the first listen.

Pump Action Radio

Overall, it is a track worth shouting about. Pump Action Radio have cut out the middle man and thrown themselves at this track like there’s no going back. Creative instrumental workings, soaring vocals and a memorable format means this track is set to impress a wide range of listeners, no matter their musical preferences. If they can afford to produce an album of tracks of this calibre, then we may see this band popping up somewhere other than local shows in the future.

The single is set for release as a digital download via iTunes and Amazon on the 18th June.


Words by George Fullerton.

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