Mr Kyps, Poole


After the raw abandon of last evenings Indie affair tonight its the turn of the Punks. We are here at Mr. Kyps in the company of Punk Aristocracy. Opening the show is one Adam J. Harmer,better known as One Man Destruction Show. He plays a half hour set of his very own Garage/Rock n Roll/Blues songs in his own inimitable way. This multi instrumentalist is a talented man, but his offerings seem drowned out by the din of chatter by a crowd clearly here for the main event. Those who do choose to listen give the guy warm applause but one cant help but feel for him in what I feel is a tough crowd. Give Adam his due, he doesn’t appear the slightest bit concerned and carries on regardless completing his set to good applause.

Following him are local favourites C-30’s. Those of the “Punk Fraternity” will know these guys well having secured supports for most of the touring Punk acts. I also know this is a ‘dream support’ for frontman Andy (Nazer),who is a massive fan. They deliver a set which is tight in its entirety from start to finish. A couple of newer numbers are interspersed with live favourites like ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Beach Bum Baby’. Andy is in fine form both gurning and pulling shapes in equal measure. Dom (drums) is as powerful as ever; almost effortless, while bassist Paul (sonic) is grinning like a Cheshire cat. Tonight’s performance perfectly melds Punk and Grunge and is what (this reviewer) feels this band do best. They leave the stage to great applause.


C30’s 1

And so to the headliners. If my info serves me well Buzzcocks are making their first journey this far South in some 34 years. To some folks I speak to this is their first Buzzcocks gig. At the end I feel it won’t be their last! They open with the now legendary “‘Boredom” which in turn starts a huge moshpit! The early career highlights continue with “Fast Cars” and the excellent “Autonomy”. Despite some recent bad press Diggle looks in good form,that is until a punter hurls a drink right at him. His mood changes instantly and at the song end he gestures that a repeat would see him leave the stage . Thankfully for all of us this isn’t repeated and he appears more relaxed,even smiling some 3 songs later. Pete (Shelley) to his left is smiling throughout as he shares vocal duties and humorous mannerisms. Danny (drums) is as powerful as ever while Chris (bass) plays with confidence throughout, while fixing his gaze on the front row almost the entirety of the evening. The wonderful “Noise Annoys” is followed by crowd favourite “Breakdown” before they end with the chart friendly “Love You More” and “What Do I Get”.

Buzzcocks 1234

They leave stage to loud and passionate applause before the terrace-style chanting of their name sees them return. The best songs are saved till last. “Harmony in My Head” starts the pit once more before Pete announces “you may recognise this one” as they launch into the seminal “Ever Fallen in Love…..”. The atmosphere is now electric as they end with the brilliant “Orgasm Addict”. We all sing along before the band take a final bow. They leave the stage receiving handshakes all round. For a show (I’m reliably informed) 18 months in securing, has proved to be a wonderful trip down memory lane. Someone tells me the sound tonight was better than at Brixton the previous weekend-high praise indeed for the Kyps sound guys! Lets hope the Buzzcocks make this Southern jaunt a regular occurrence. The word legend is often overused,but tonight for me and 300 others we were in the company of Punk Legends.

Buzzcocks Set List
Fast Cars
I Don’t Mind
Get On Our Own
What Ever Happened To
Girl From The Chainstore
Sick City
Nothing Left
Noise Annoys
Love You More
What Do I Get?

Harmony in My Head
Ever Fallen In Love
Orgasm Addict


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Review & Pictures By Ross Ferone.

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