The Frequency

Fall To The Floor is the debut offering from Bournemouth-based Indie Rockers The Frequency. After the success of debut single “High Society” its time to see if these boys have heightened the trajectory they’re aiming for. And on first listen they are. The LP opens with “New York Symphony”, a song inspired by singer Austyn’s trips across the pond. The intro lends itself to the sounds of 70’s film-making-then the guitars kick in with real energy before the dulcet tones of Austyn (vox) come in. But its on the chorus that his voice explodes.

Elsewhere the chiming guitars of Dan (Kazimirow) and the somewhat echoey vocal part in the middle make this song the perfect opener. “Steal A Phrase” is a popular live song for the band but hearing it here you hear the song in its most intricate form, that you might not like. The build up to the mid section of the song is great and Dan (H Smith)’s vocal is also great throughout, changing in parts during the song before Austyn comes in on the chorus. This would be my choice for a future single. “Same Old Nothing At All” has a touch of Ocean Colour Scene (to this reviewer), a slower, more melodic offering that differs to the bulk of the album. That said it holds its own, it’s certainly no “filler” track. The vocals come over all heartfelt in the entirety of the song, which works perfectly as a forerunner to the more powerful “Sticky Little Finger”, a song that “apparently” has 2 stories as to the inspiration for the title! Either way, its a catchy little ditty with an equally catchy singalong chorus.

The Frequency

At a risk of incurring the wrath of Austyn, his vocals have a real Kelly Jones-esque twang on this song. I just dont feel the “David Watts” fill at the end does anything to enhance what is already a great song. The song is an Indie classic that (in my opinion) needs no tinkering. “You Don’t Have To Know” has a real mid-70’s Rock feel in the intro and appears lyrically very personal- Austyn is singing with real feeling in the chorus. The song itself is heavy in most parts with some thumping drums and wholesome guitar and bass. “Sympathy For Insanity” has an interesting intro, and the way the song shifts from Indie to Rock is something in itself. More echoey vocal in the mid-section but it works. Austyn’s strained vocal in the chorus is delivered with real vigour and makes the song all the more listenable. “Save Today” is the fastest track on here and has the added bonus of the big “woah woah woah” in the chorus to gets the fans singing at the live shows. Its a bouncy song with some great “wah wah” guitars in the middle 8 and heavy drumming to boot. “Loverblind” is the gem of this album-imagine being in your local, cider in hand listening to the house band banging out tunes on acoustic guitars! One can’t help but singalong, it really is a beautiful song which is faultless. Soft mellow heartfelt vocals over a simple tune-what could be better! “I Know You Know” is the LP closer and another very personal song with (one assumes) a partner in mind. It’s the perfect ending to what is a great debut. This band have raised the bar high. It will be interesting to see their trajectory now. But for starters they’re on the right path.


New York Symphony
Steal A Phrase
Same Old Nothing At All
Sticky Little Finger
You Don’t Have To Know
Sympathy For Insanity
Save Today
I Know,You Know

Band Members: Austyn Brown-Vox/Guitars
Dan Kazimirow-Guitars/Vox
Dan Hammond-Smith-Bass/Vox
Phil Hodgetts-Drums/Vocals

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Review By Ross A Ferrone.

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