Wonk Unit

Croydon/London’s Wonk Unit open their LP with “Guts”, a song with a nasal vocal delivery, not unlike (to this reviewer) Graham Coxon. The cymbal-led and heavy drum intro is different, along with the shouty backing vocals. The end is in my opinion overlong but its a decent opener. Where they get a working title of “Guts” is anyone’s guess-the line of “you are my springtime” is the prominent feature of the song sung with real aggression.

“Friends Forever” comes over all personal despite more aggressive vocals at the start and a killer bass line. Some neat “machine gun drumming” in places compliment the other elements to the song and the fade-out at the end is great. The opening chords to “Different” are classic “old skool Punk” at its best, accompanied by a “Lydon-esque” vocal. However the ba ba ba’s seem lost in this really rather good little Punk number. That said if its a different (sic) slant on the middle 8 it kinda works!

“Always the Same” opens with some chunky guitar work and yet more personal lyrics. A highlight of this collection definitely with its fast paced guitars,story telling lyrics, fat bass and precise drumming. “Not Mine” is a story of “musical jealousy”, or perhaps just fiction. In yer face vocals, sung with real meaning and a song structure to match-very good indeed. “I Hate You” is a spoken word “song” and an ode to Zara. An old flame of a band member possibly but nevertheless unashamedly personal. The abrupt ending is both measured and perfect. The intro to “Los Angeles” lends its opening bars very generously to the Senseless Things “Too Much Kissing” but don’t let that dissuade you,its a great intro. A fast paced song that once again “tells a story” of a venture to LA with a lady. I just don’t get the whole “la la la” middle 8 thing, it just doesn’t fit with such a powerful and heavy song.

Wonk Unit

“Photos of the Tired” has that classic Punk guitar-picking in the intro,matched only by some snarly (tongue in cheek) vocals and a chorus with a line “one day we’ll be successful, one day we’ll succeed”, sung with real vigour. I love how the band don’t take themselves too seriously on this song, one imagines a live favourite. “Back of the Van” is your classic 3 minute Punk song, thumping drums, driving guitars and the line “no good for anyone” that sticks in your head! More Coxon-esque vocals on “Just Love The Way” and that “la la la” middle 8 crops up again alongside some great bass lines and an excellent bassy abrupt ending. A comedic intro on “The Places” is only the prelude to what is a fairly USA Garage/Punk sounding song. Some classic Punk riffs and great drumming make this another standout track on the LP. “Singing at the Seaside” is slower than the other songs on here,with an almost “indie” feel. It is however another “spoken word” song with more Lydon-esque snarly vocals in the middle. “Shouting” at the Seaside would’ve been more apt! The “shouting” doesn’t last and the song ends almost as it began. “How We Laughed” tells a story of a “ship going down” and one’s reluctance to help the stranded-nice sentiment (not). Tongue in cheek lyrically once again but a decent song nevertheless. “Running” celebrates the act of intercourse, disguised as “running”. Humour once again is the order of the day here. “There’s no reason to be discreet, lets get it on”….. say no more! “Bleed With You” has the heaviest intro on this LP. Another song about love and lust and vocally heading in Cobain territory. Great guitar and bass make this classic Punk number what it is. “One For The Mrs” ends the LP on a personal note again with its slow tempo and thoughtful lyrics. Its more a song of recognition of a bond between two people,rather than the obvious sexual connotation, and ends this LP on a high.

Friends Forever
Always the Same
Not Mine
I Hate You
Los Angeles
Photos of the Tired
Back of the Van
Just Love The Way
The Places
Singing at the Seaside
How We Laughed
Bleed With You
One For The Mrs.


Band Members
Alex Johston (Vox/Guitar)
Duncan Redmonds-Drums
Adam Stone-Drums

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Review By Ross A. Ferrone.

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