Kill The Conversation

Dorchester based “Kill The Conversation” have just released their second EP “Farewell For the Last Time” this 5 track onslaught that is not for the feint hearted. Having shared the stage with the likes of Sepultura, Rise To Remain, amongst others, they seem to be setting themselves on a path that will not take any prisoners. To quote “Southern Metal Nuts Kill The Conversation drop their ball-breaking new EP Farewell For The Last Time. Merging intense brutality and absorbing dynamics, it’s a forceful piece of real engaging metal.”

Well that’s 100% accurate! With an uncompromising barrage of drums through to the bass underpinning the tracks, overlaid with the some great hooks and riffs, and Jacks ferocious delivery of the lyrics make these guys something to be reckoned with in an ever growing metal scene.

Kill The Conversation

The EP has an overiding theme of war, from the cover through to the war quotes used on “City In Ruins”, and the video for “Fold”. Offset this with the track “No More Fish In Sea” which ends with the repeated lyrics of “The ocean’s empty, The sea is dead”, which seems to be more about a failed relationship. The EP has a strong and powerful vibe throughout, and shows that these guys have an energy that could take them far! For “Shattered Shell” I found it that reminded me, albeit only slightly, of Coal Chamber. Possibly due to an almost bouncy rhythm at the beginning of the track, and the initial vocal delivery. Again the harsh vocals growl and scream out at you in this instance telling you that “Now Your Life Is Mine”.

Kill The Conversation

Line Up
Jack – Vocals
Liam – Guitar
Laurie – Bass
Brad – Drums
Luke – Guitar

Track Listing
Shattered Shell
No More Fish In The Ocean
City In Ruins


The EP will be available from Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify, from the 3rd September.

Words by Jon.