Wind Up Renegrade

Portsmouth based Wind Up Renegrade have just released “Die Alone”, their second of three EPs in a trilogy of releases leading up to the release of their upcoming album. This follows the first “Reclaim The Radio”.

Opening the second EP is “This Great Divide” which has almost late 80’s sound to the guitar work, but also interspersed with some very prog like synth work. The vocals come across almost distressed, but add more of an ethereal feel, than one of pain.

I was worried when the second tracked started, “Life Of The Party”, as I was worried it might turn into some manufactured pop track with it’s synth opening. But soon the raw guitar work was back in effect, with vocals sounding like they are through an old radio mic, or a bullhorn. Certainly this track was more of a crowd pleaser once the melody kicks in.

Closing with “Space Cadet” I was expecting more synth work, oh the joy of presumption. Nothing of the kind, a great little indie-rock track!

With each track on this EP sounding different I am curious as to what the next instalment will bring, not to mention the album. As this there is more than a certain amount evolution between the two EPs, whether by design or not I don’t know. Both are well worth a listen, and I am keen to hear the next instalment.

Check them out over at Bandcamp, not to mention the first EP in this set.

Track Listing
This Great Divide
Life Of The Party
Space Cadet

Wordage by Jon.

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