Four tracks of some great lo-fi pop, that seems to be unintentionally uplifting in a very laid-back way.

Now, a lot of the time I seem to listening to music and comparing it to the weather. Well this time I find this is a great backdrop to a sunny, yet frosty winters morning. Enough of the weather report!

Opening with the fairly bouncy “It’s On You” you are taken to a gentle place, and a great opener to the EP. “Orange Luz” just flows and seems to be gently effortless, the sound has a slightly harsher edge to it. While “Lascascadas” starts in a slightly more grandiose fashion that then falls into a gentle backdrop, that could have you flying over the landscape. It has a bass driven sound, that almost puts one in mind of Joy Division, albeit it is not a dark track. But, with the distant vocals it captures that ethereal feel.


Closing the EP is “Montreal Rock Band Somewhere”; another slice of ethereal beauty, the bass underpinning the guitar. I have to be honest I have no idea what the song is about as I always get carried by the music, and then it is over and I end up on my own journey of self indulgence.

These three guys from South London have produced a 4 track EP that effortlessly flows from track to track, almost in a dreamlike manner. Somehow effortlessy; there seems to be something simplistic about their sound, but I can’t put my finger on it.

What makes this EP great is there is absolutely no pretentions, only what is needed.

The EP is due for release on January 4th.

Track Listing
It’s On You
Orange Luz
Montreal Rock Band Somewhere

http://www.piccadillyrecords.com/products/Happyness-EP-Weird Smiling-94004.html

Words by Jon.

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