“You can’t kill The Metal, The Metal will live on” – Jack Black – Tenacious D

Beyond Betrayal

…and it’s true, heavy metal, for all of its ridiculous sub-genres (Post grunge hardcore deathpunkcore, I mean really?) has survived in some form of another, and I’m always gunna have a little bit of time for the heavier side of music.

So today, we’re taking a look at Beyond Betrayal, a five-piece melodic metal band from the Northwest of this waterlogged island we call England. They’ve released a new EP, entitled “Money Can’t Save You Now”, a sentiment I recall thinking as my well funded headteacher recently lost his footing on the stairs. The EP is five tracks long, the opening one of which is simply entitled November.

Now, firing it up, I didn’t know what to expect, right up to the moment the thrash drums kicked in and some vital organs came loose.

Beyond Betrayal

This band, these five guys, are properly brutal in their delivery of music. Dropped tunings abound, and the well placed, blistering double kick fills throughout would send armies diving for the trenches.

…and lots of synchopated guitars. I love me some synchopation.

That’s not the most remarkable thing I noticed though. No, the one part of the bands songs that really rattled my ribcage were the breakdowns. It’s always a general rule, that the slower you make something, the heavier it becomes, and as soon as the thumping outro of “November” was introduced to my inner ear, I found myself headbanging along like it was 1988 all over again.

The second track, creatively and convolutedly entitled “Scott’s Got A Time Machine (He Told Me Tomorrow)” begins with an ambient soundtrack of filtered drums and bass, before getting all progressive up in this. Perhaps the name isn’t just an exercise in tongue twisters, maybe Beyond Betrayal went and got these rhythms from the future! Very enjoyable though, high paced, and the obscene gang vocals before another halftime breakdown brought a smile to my face.

For those of you who aren’t into the heavier side of things, the most accessible song on Money Can’t Save You Now is “Tear Me Apart”, which has got Bullet For My Valentine written all over it. The harmony riff at the start, frontman Vincent’s vocals, even the sound and raw talent of drummer Jake! By no means a bad thing, guys, of all the bands to emulate, you seem to have chosen wisely.

Beyond Betrayal

My favourite song on the track though? If I could be so bold as to offer an opinion, it would have to be the all out thrash-fest that is the titular track “Money Can’t Save You Now”. A verse to mosh to, a chorus to scream to, and middle eights that will leave you pumping your fist in the air, pretending to fight some kind of power, when in reality, you’re curled up in bed and your mum has just called you for dinner.

As a whole, for fans of the genre, this little EP filled with fire and brimstone is a must-listen, if you have any appreciation for the metal genre, then you will love the direction Beyond Betrayal have taken it.

That said, as a good friend of mine once said; “What’s next? Apple Core Metal? Pips Of Satan?”.

“You cannot kill The Metal, The Metal will live on”

…and that’s how it’s staying.

Beyond Betrayal are…
Vincent – Vocals
Arron – Bass
Scott – Guitar
Tom – Guitar
Jake – Drums

Scott’s Got A Time Machine (He Told Me Tomorrow)
Tear Me Apart
What Lies Inside
Money Can’t Save You Now


Words by Mike Masters.

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