Dave McPherson

When I ponder the hard working musical artists of Britain, the first person who consumes my thoughts always seems to be the powerful character, Dave McPherson.

Known largely for fronting InMe, McPherson surpasses the expectations broadcasted by his previous musical workings in the band through his acoustic material and his endless ethic to produce music and tour. He has once again relied on the passionate support of his loyal army of supporters following the largely appreciated debut solo album “The Hardship Diaries” in 2011, through a fan generated release to produce his latest effort, “Dreamoirs”.

Dave McPherson

Instantly the emphasis of this record’s origin becomes clear as opener “Snowball” demonstrates an atmosphere which would emphatically soundtrack the dreams of any working man. Lush, flowing instrumentals are achieved through a daydream like presence, meaning that this record’s morals wonder miles from the parlous boundaries which InMe often skate upon. McPherson’s vocal style and deliverance expectedly capitalises this albums attributes, as his vast range of pitch and distinguishable tones ripen the dreamy aroma this record offers. These themes of dreams and self assessment continue to remain potent in the likes of “Her Majesty’s Prism” and the quirkily named “Grotesque Is a Beautiful Word”, which features a soaring guitar solo that mirrors the sustained styles of the legendary Brian May. Although the elements which this album possesses tend to share a common theme, the record upholds a wholesome approach, meaning that you would be wiser to approach this album in its entirety rather than picking at singles.

Dave McPherson

The standout difference between ‘The Hardship Diaries’ and this record stems from the “break-up” nature of his debut effort, which at times seemed rushed and spontaneous, whereas ‘Dreamoirs’ is reflective upon McPherson’s dreams and experiences through exploring subject matter. It’s a focused record which he has clearly put a considerable amount of work, thought and passion into. I expect that many an evening this Summer will be spent down at the beach pondering my own thoughts, while this record swells in the background. I believe that ‘Dreamoirs’ is a realisation of the true character McPherson possesses and is a prime example of the underappreciated workings of someone who should probably be considered a national treasure.

“Dreamoirs” out June 3rd on Pledge Music/ Graphite Records

UK Headline Tour Dates 2013

Sat 4th May Norwich, Waterfront
Sun 5th May Bath, Moles
Mon 6th May Nottingham, The Maze
Tues 7th May York, Fibbers
Wed 8th May Glasgow Broadcast
Thurs 9th May Manchester, Ruby Lounge
Fri 10th May Birmingham, Eddie’s Rock Club


Words by George Fullerton.

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