Mr. Kyps, Poole

The Hoosiers

Once again the relentless work that goes on at Mr. Kyps helped to secure a booking of certain importance, as the once album chart topping, “The Hoosiers” made their way to the small seaside town of Poole in an effort to prove to their south coast fan base that they are still capable of firing on all cylinders.

Many will remember the time they headlined the BIC in Bournemouth, a venue which has played host to a plethora of world class acts, but sadly the bands second album “Bumpy Ride” didn’t reach the heights of the previous, explosive debut album “The Trick To Life”. Despite this, the band has remained a highlight in the UK music scene both on and off stage since their debut release in 2007. With a Sold Out audience looking forward to The Hoosiers debut at Mr. Kyps, there is a matter of two quality support acts 1st.

Ben Montague

1st to take to the stage was Ben Montague, a late and very welcome addition to the line up, Ben has recently supported latest chart sensations “The Wanted” on a huge UK Arena tour. Ben usually performs with a band but tonight was just him with an acoustic guitar and a bass player. Right from the start the vast majority of the crowd was on his side as Ben showed off his excellent vocals skills on his single “Love Like Stars” which has recently received BBC radio airplay , there was also great version of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” which got the packed venue singing along. After a short set, Ben left the stage to mass appreciation from fans old and new alike, vowing to return once again very soon.

Empire Affair

Empire Affair 1234

After Ben’s set, explosive local rock outfit, Empire Affair take to the stage to an appreciative set of fans that lap up every touch of enthusiasm and flamboyancy shown by outlandish front man, Neil Tallant. It’s a fairly static crowd in general for a Friday night, but his expressive display allows even the first timers seeing this band to enjoy their music. The likes of “December” and final track/upcoming single “Tornadoes” beckons this band to a higher level. Their ability to fluctuate between stomping melodies and sweeping anthems means their sound ventures into a subtle level of versatility. If time and progression remain in sync, Empire Affair could be Bournemouth’s next success story sooner than you think.

The Hoosiers
The Hoosiers 12345

After five years since their stunning debut release year in 2007, The Hoosiers make their way onto the stage at Mr. Kyps to see the remains of their golden year fan base. They may be slightly older, but their passion is just as ripe when opener “Worst Case Scenario” jolts the crowd to life. Comprised of four talented members, front man, Iwan Sparks remains just as vocally potent in the flesh as on their recordings. His soaring vocal range allows the band’s feisty pop rock vibes to dance between varied styles. Admittedly, there are moments where my attention starts to wonder due to the occasional lack of conviction in some of the bands newer songs, but the colossal sing along chorus of “Glorious” reminds me of the wonders of a venue’s capacity singing together in unison. As classics such as “Cops and Robbers” and the more recent “Choices” continue to please, it’s about time for an encore worthy of any larger venue. The unmistakable “Worried About Ray” and “Goodbye Mr. A” may be put down as the reason this band are so well supported, but an encore like this reminds us all that this band have serious talent on and off of the stage. Despite the struggles with their second album’s release, The Hoosiers have proved well and truly that they will remain a strong force in years to come.

The Hoosiers
Worst Case Scenario
Bumpy Ride
Trick Of Life
Live BY The Ocean
Fidget Brain
Made To Measure
Cops and Robbers
Everything Goes Dark
Giddy Up
Worried About Ray
Unlikely Hero
Goodbye Mr. A.

Empire Affair
One of Me
One Night in Munich
We’re All Just Animals
Can’t Get Through
Video games (Lana Del Ray cover)

Ben Montague

Empire Affair

The Hoosiers

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Review By George Fullerton.
Videos & Pictures By Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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