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Brave Mariner

Spaceace Records is an independent Bournemouth record label giving opportunities to local alternative bands and artist’s. Tonight’s gig is a showcase of three of the label’s up and coming groups, at only 50p to get it, lots of people have taken up the very reasonable offer to come down to On The Rocks to see what these bands have to offer.

First on are “Powdered Cows” a slightly zany and unpredictable band who can take you on a journey into the complete unknown. Lead singer Martin Roberts arrives on stage in a silver space suit and a Lion mask, with temperatures outside topping 28 degrees, Martin must had been baking hot, but with entertainment on his mind he continued on regardless. The extremely original ambient off the wall music was created by a synthesizer along with some children’s toys an electronic voice changing megaphone and a small Fisher Price style keyboard.

Powdered Cows
Powdered Cows 12

Everything is far from conventional and much of the audience despite this are polite and listen contently. You could only describe Martin as Bournemouth’s answer to Damon Alban (Blur, Gorrillaz, Good The Bad & The Queen) as he is constantly pushing boundaries to come up with something different, there is a very fine line between genius and insanity with certainly some of both on show here tonight. The set ends in a more conventional way with a song called “Hidden Tapes” with Martin who now is playing guitar and his sidekick on keyboards are joined by Angus Of “Brave Mariner” on drums, the audience show their respect as the band leave the stage.

Warmer Corners
Warmer Corners 12

Up next are “Warmer Corners” a seven piece band who perform with a whole host of instruments to create a very individual sound, as the band take to the stage, with the place suddenly filling up as if a coach party has arrived. They seem to have already at this stage of their career got themselves plenty of local support which is alays great to see. The music is created by adding a melodica, banjo, musical saw, ukulele to the conventional bass, drums and guitars, it would be fair to stay there is nobody around that creates a sound quite like it, there are lots of not so obvious influences from the world of folk and pop. When the band initially take to the stage their faces are all hidden behind different animal masks, with the atmosphere in the place one of expectation from their excited fans.

The band delivered a confident set full of decent songs, all with very different arrangements, for instance they have three or four lead vocalists virtually changing vocals for each song, their single the zany “Tiger’s Lament” was a highlight with some very interesting monkey style sounding harmonies. In honesty “Warmer Corners” are a band that you might not get straight away, it takes a while for their music to develop and grow on you, there is lots of potential within the large band, with lots of different ways for substantial creation. The band leave the stage abruptly after their last song, leaving the crowd wanting more but with appreciation from the crowd in abundance I am sure that with be back in this town once again soon.

Brave Mariner
Brave Mariner 123

On to the tonight’s headliners “Brave Mariner” who have been making a name for themselves already playing a lots of local venues including an appearance at the years “Grooves On The Green” festival in Ashley Cross. The band are full of masses of infectious fun and make a beautiful noise, lead singer Joey has makes everyone in the place feel very welcome as she takes charge of the by now rowdy crowd, greeting a few heckles with a big smile.Opening with “Spoke Too Soon” from their recent self titled EP the band start at a fast pace delivering pop tinged rock that really entertains. There seems to be a special chemistry on stage within the four members band as Joey (Lead Vocals/guitar), Angus (Guitar/Vocals, Thom (Drums) and Albert (Bass) deliver a really special set full of audience pleasing highlights. They perform a cover of a “Warmer Corners” song called “Bear Grylls” about the adventurer from the television series and the band have the lyrics taped to the microphone stands, just in case they need them, the songs is performed well with out a hitch. The band continue with some great well written songs such as “Ex Lover”, “Facely Friend” and a new rather sinister song called “Goo” all about a stalker. The band play for about 35 minutes and leave the stage to plenty of love from their home town audience. A great night with three very different bands all who can get a much wider appeal thanks to the work of Spaceage Records, all eyes are on what the futures hold for them.


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