Tom Clements

Since quitting the day job in 2011, Dorset artist Tom Clements has performed over 500 gigs and released 2 EP’s and a debut album. After performing over 170 gigs in 2014 and opening shows for Hannah Robinson, Dave McPherson, Robbie McIntosh, Jo Burt and Zibra. Tom was also a runner-up for “Best Male Solo Act” at the Salisbury Music Awards. He has recently released his 2nd album “Roots, Morals & Other Life Choices”. The new album has taken inspiration from struggles of past employment and the worries of his family and friends. There are guest appearances from two of Tomís favourite guitarists, Scott McKeon and Robbie McIntosh who both have massive experience within the music industry.

The album continues with Tom’s incredible songwriting ability by putting down some very personally written songs that virtually everyone can associate with. The sound takes a sort of soft Rock style, injected with elements of modern Country music. Guitar is Tom’s weapon of choice and having played it since he was very young he knows his way around, with lots of expertly executed sounds and tweaks with a little help from his friends. If it’s electric or acoustic Tom can make a unique sound which can be heard on all the songs on this album.

Tom Clements

On the opening number “Roots” there are some incredibly passionate vocals; which when combined with the well-executed guitar work, makes for a great start to the album. “How it was” takes Tom back to his daily drudge of doing a 9-5 and though he’s given it all up to perform music full time, I think it show’s a little concern in the back of his mind of returning back.

Another highlight is “My Addiction” which opens with a great slight guitar intro by Scott McKeon and then continues meandering throughout the song. Robbie McIntosh impresses as he takes the lead guitar on the instrumental “The Jig of 20″, a song that would not be out of place on American Country radio. ìRoad” ends the album on a high with another well written, thought provoking “work” themed song. All in all a great second album from Tom Clements and one that show’s some positive very progression from his first.

1- Roots
2- How it was
3- Spiral
4- My Addiction
5. The Jig of 20
6. Upwards
7. Can You See (How I’m Feeling)
8. The Ticking Clock
9. Road



Words by Dave Chinery (Chinners).