Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe, Bournmemouth

Monir Characters

Tonight is the very first live outing for a group of talented musicians who have joined forces to form a local so called “supergroup” called “Minor Characters”. The group features Martin Ruddock on guitar/vocals (Hipster/Mirrorball), Angus Rudd on guitar/vocals (Henry’s Photograph, Brave Mariner, Powdered Cows), Ed Pope on bass (Mutant Vinyl, Cellar Creeps, Country Hospital), and Paul ‘Dixie’ Harley on drums (Spiders/Marlins).

To get these busy musicians all together in one place a at time is a job in itself, but gladly they all safely arrive in a busy Cellar Bar ready for lift off. The anticipation is high as the band take to the stage and the people ‘in the know’ about this special performance make their way near to the stage ready for the debut.

Minor Charcters
Minor Characters 1234

The band kick off with “Hanging By The Nails” a song that can be found posted on their Bandcamp site, the twin guitar sound along with Ed’s bass and Dixie’s supreme drumming is a pure audio pleasure. The band have drawn from many influences from their own experiences, their sound could be described as coming somewhere from the 60’s, loosely between The Bryds, The Beatles and small amounts of early Pink Floyd. The band’s studio recordings include Martin playing the sitar, sadly the instrument has not been bought along tonight, but it would be great to see a performance with it in the future. The harmonies and guitar work continue to impress with “Bob Welch” a tribute written about the late great genius from “Fleetwood Mac”. After each song a excited burst of applause comes from the obviously impressed audience who seem to be enjoying every minute.

In the past supergroups don’t always work, as differences of opinions and power struggles always seem get in the way of their creation, Minor Characters don’t seem to have found any barriers in putting together a small collection of well written original songs that really hit the mark. in particular the epic “There’s A Storm” includes extordinary brilliant lyrics “whales are on the Wessex way and the Beach Boys are flying overhead ” . Angus gets a turn on lead vocals with “Bow & Arrow” and does himself proud, the set ends with possibly the best song of the night “No Bus Today” which features simple guitar rifts, infectious chorus and more perfect harmonies. A few more songs a I’m sure there is an album well worth recording, holding these four guys together with all their various activities is going to be hard, if it can be done something really special could just evolve further.

Set List
Hanging On By The Nails
Bob Welch
There’s A Storm(Flood)
Don’t Walk Away
Bow & Arrow
No Bus Today


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Review Pictures & Video By Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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