Autumn Owls

At the intersection of The Editors, Interpol, and the point where the sun sets, and again at early sun rise – those twilight periods, you will find Autumn Owls. Hailing from Dublin this 5 piece are about to release their debut album “Between Buildings, Toward The Sea” a 12 track, following on from their 2 previous EP releases.

They describe themselves as having an indie rock sound, and a bit of Googling also throws up the tag “experimental”. Their sound is one that is predominatly bleak, with lyrics that are angst, almost a life lost, or one aside from everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, it is not total doom and gloom, but more reflective and introspective. With it’s gentle bass lines, and guitar hooks, you are drawn into this twilight world, almost a ghost world where you are simply an observer. Bleak seems a fitting description.

Autumn Owls

Gently opening with “Semaphores” which sets the tone for the album, and quickly flows into “Unconvinced”, which closes with the lyrics;

Epiphany, nothing more the a muted scream
A buzzing fly in my fondest daydream
So donít fret my friend
I hear peace comes suddenly
But itís no pinprick of starlight
Itís a ragged old sky of reassuring regularity.

Although it is only the second track, it sums up the entire mood of the album for me.

Through to the hollow sounding “Great Atlantic Drift” with it’s deep, and dark (‘er?) feel, and gentle piano backdrop.

Autumn Owls

It is safe to say this is not a happy summer fun album. But what it is, is a careful and considered body of work. Every sound and every note played seems carefully orchestrated, and is only played where it needs to be. These guys are crafting a sound that is them, and they are easily masters of their trade.

The album is due for release on Epitonic on Oct 16 in Europe and Oct 23 in the US.

Line Up

Track Listing
Spare Room
Kiss The Wine
Great Atlantic Drift
The Arched Pines
Byways Of The Lifeless
All The Lights In New York
Borrowed Suit

Tour Dates

Saturday 6th October Hard Working Class Heroes Festival – The Button Factory, Dublin, Ireland
Thursday 18th October CMJ Music Marathon 2012 – Fat Baby , New York, USA
Saturday 20th October Album Release Show – The Grand Social, Dublin, Ireland
Saturday 27th October Dead Chickens October – Twisted Pepper, Dublin, Ireland
Friday 9th November Album Launch Show – Roisin Dubh, Galway, Ireland
Saturday 10th November Album Launch Show – Passionfruit Theatre, Athlone, Ireland

Words by Jon.

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