Helena Mace

Bournemouth based singer/songwriter Helena Mace releases her new single “Save It For Another Day” on the 15th March. The song was produced at the local Hangover Hill Studio with the able help of Matt Black, who also plays keyboards along with Si Genaro on harmonica. Helena is following in the footsteps of her musician father who played in various bands while Helena was growing up, with many of her inspirations coming from him. The new single is about an old musician who used to be quite something back in the day. Itís about fame and how this sometimes can lead to loneliness and how some people are happy to be in their own loneliness.

Helena’s previous album, “Wash Away the Years” has received rave reviews from the Music industry as well as the general public and she was a finalist for UK Country radio album of the Year. Her latest album “Chasing Dreams” is still critically acclaimed worldwide with her music featured regularly on SKY TV, as well as the BBC and played on Radio stations worldwide. Helena was also a finalist for UK Country Radio for 3 categories this year for Album of the Year, Female Artist of the year and Country Artist of the Year.

Helena Mace

The tune opens with some gentle acoustic guitar, before Si Genaro’s beautiful haunting harmonica arrives ahead of Helena’s considerable vocal and Matt’s complimentary piano. The tune, though about an old musician could at times be auto-biographical or about any musicians. Backstage at a gig is a much sought after place that many fans strive to get into, but the reality is at times it can be the most boring and loneliest place in the world. This tune takes an emotional look into the world of touring musicians and here Helena really brings these issues to life with great depth and real compassion.


Words by Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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