Somewhere, hiding in Wales, are three chaps who are making music the way they want to. These three chaps make up the unique sounding Kyshera. They are about to release their third body of work “Made In China” on their own record label, Konic Records.

Kyshera call their unique brand of heavy political art Rock, “Konic” music. They have created a broader lifestyle outlook around it and encourage their fans to be their own iKons.


Sometimes when you first listen to an album you get a feel for the direction the review will take. Usually based on that initial impression (first impressions and all that). My initial thoughts were a less extreme Mr. Bungle, perhaps even the odd bass line from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Possibly even some earlier Zappa (maybe, middle and late as well), and I still get that vibe from the first few tracks. But on subsequent plays I don’t get that feeling from the whole album. What do I get? Something more grandiose, something with a bigger plan. Yet still I hear those influences creeping in. Sure there are some old school prog or hard rock, coupled with soundscapes in places, all with modern allusions.

Now, if if this sounds confusing, then it’s me, not “Made In China”. Usually this is the point where I might say they have drawn from influences here and there. But I am not sure this is the case. This is their sound. This is Konic.


Is this a problem no? The album is quite addictive, it draws you in. The tracks have different textures and beats, the samples (I liked the toy robot quotes), all of which are interwoven to form a unique sound that flows well from track to track. There is a twisted genius lurking in there somewhere. There is even the feel of the fun fair hiding in the melodies. Going back to the Zappa parallels, these guys are doing their thing in an uncompromising fashion, let’s hope for their longevity, and creativity,

I am have consciously decided not to do a track by track run down, but I did like the lyric “Science, who’s side are you on?, an accessory to tyranny?” from Mannequin.

There is more to these guys than meets the eye (ear?), the album is complex, layered, accomplished, and almost goes back to an experimental age. However, whichever way you [try to] interpret them, it all boils back to simply that they know what they are doing, and they are doing it very well. They are making the music they want.

Line Up
James Kennedy – Vocals / Guitar
Matt Warr – Bass
Phil Smith – Drums

Track Listing
The Game
Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll
Shelf Life
Messiah Mask
Made in China

Words, confusion, and admiration by Jon.

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