Bowling For Soup

Bowling For Soup just don’t stop going do they!? I’m glad. This band has been pumping out endless pop rock anthems for nearly two decades and they’re not about to stop, with the launch of a brand new album this year featuring latest tour supports Patent Pending and The Dollyrots.

It seems BFS love to collaborate with their associated acts, as some of you may know of post-punk laptop rapper, MC Lars who is best known for his track “Download This Song” which features Jaret Reddick in the chorus.

Almost two decades on and what’s the name of the opener…”Let’s Go To The Pub”, a track which from the off renews our love of this bands prepubescent sense of humour. Despite their comic vibes, the instrumentals are surprisingly beefy, as juicy guitar riffs coincide with a stomping chorus. It’s a fairly odd format to the album, as the three bands rotate and each gives their own offering of cheesy pop rock anthems. In all honesty, BFS have produced a string of infectious (if not predictable) pop rock anthems as expected, and their fans will continue to lap up every offering.

Bowling For Soup

Even The Dollyrots who UK fans of BFS may not have come across strike a chord with a potent style. Despite “The Bitch Song” making me roll my eyes with its stereotypical outburst of American teenage rebellion, their other offerings “Just Like All The Rest” and particularly “Little Miss Impossible” show signs of serious promise with attitude and infectious melodies. Patent Pending on the other hand released their fourth album “Second Family” last year and opened for Bowling For Soup in the past. Their first offering comes in the form of “Shut Up and Smile”, which provides a welcome tinge of “cringe” through the lyric; “all we need is some ice cream and a hug”. There’s nothing wrong with grown men admitting things that may not necessarily highlight their masculinity!

If you’re a fan of The Dollyrots, then checkout Patent Pending’s cover of “Hyperactive” on this album, it’s always interesting hearing how a female vocal track sounds when there’s a guy trying to hit the same vocal range. Patent Pending prove through their tracks on this collaboration that although they aren’t hitting the highs of Bowling For Soup, they may well be if their performances on the upcoming UK/US tour are up to scratch.

Bowling For Soup

If you love pop rock, Bowling For Soup, Patent Pending, The Dollyrots, ice cream, fun, etc…then you may want to get this album, listen to it a few times and sing your heart out at the album release tour in October. There’s nothing new to take from this record, it’s not really going to change how we feel about pop rock, but it is definitely going to provoke one or two happy mosh pits and epic sing alongs next month on tour. Just remember, Bowling For Soup aren’t just for October, they’re for life.

Track Listing
1. Let’s Go To The Pub (BFS)
2. Bitch Song (DR)
3. Shut Up and Smile (PP)
4. Just Like All The Rest (DR)
5. My Heart Explodes (BFS)
6. Hyperactive (PP)
7. Psycho In Love (PP)
8. Spin Me Around (BFS)
9. Little Miss Impossible (DR)
10. Love Ya, Love Ya, Love Ya (Jaret Reddick and Kelly Ogden)


Words by George Fullerton.

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