Radio Fallout

Hailing from Austin Texas this 3 piece appear to be kicking up a storm Stateside. Tagging themselves as Alternative rock they have, in under two years they have gone from aspiration to headlining festivals, tours, and publishing deals.

The whole album has a laid back feel with a hint of punk and grunge places, but for some reason I keep thinking of American college rock. Not sure why as it is not a genre I think I am that familiar with (I feel another Wikipedia trawl coming on).

Radio Fallout

Opening the album with “I Want To Be Alright” you get that alternative rock Dinosaur Pile Up vibe, with slightly more refrained energy, and a vocal that almost has a Kurt Cobain feel, as “everyday I slip away, pretending time will heal” comes at you with a tale about coping. The second track, “Lux e Tenebris”, opens unexpectedly with a different vibe, carried on it’s bassline, and feeling I can’t put my finger on. Which is possibly why it is one of my favourites of the album.

As the album progresses the second half has a slightly more grungier feel, with the exception of “Summer Fun” which is more of a ballad. The soft vocals sitting on top of the flowing guitar.

For the last two tracks the guitar sound gets beefy, accompanied with heavier drumming. Closing with “Status Quo”, it has an opening sound that might make you think Nirvana without a second thought.

Radio Fallout

The album has an uplifting feel to it, yet the tracks although catchy have a dark element, something a little introspective. Nothing that initially seems heavy, but enough to leave you wondering. With some good riffs, it’s grungy attitude, this is a great start for their first album, and easy draws the listener in.

The album was released on September 4th, and is worth checking out if you like your rock a little left of centre.

Line Up
Caleb Scates: Guitar, Vocals, Piano
Dan Walker: Bass, Backing Vocals
Jonathan Palmer: Drums, Backing Vocals

Track Listing
I Want To Be Alright
Lux e Tenebris
Falling In
Wishing Well
Hour of Darkness
Summer Sun
Status Quo


Words by Jon “Everything is local on the internet”.

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