The Temperance Movement

What happens when you take four blokes, enough vintage equipment to convince anyone it’s not 2012, and lock them in a studio, feeding them off the best sounds rock music has ever had to offer? Well, in the case of The Temperance Movement, you end up with five tracks of sheer exquisite beauty.

The EP’s opening track “Ain’t No Telling” drops you head first into the 1960’s, with a groove and a vibe which simply doesn’t exist anymore. It’s like a time-machine for your ears. And good lord, is it a heck of a journey. Dips and dives in dynamics and interwoven guitar parts sit atop a very, very solid rhythm section. Superb.

The Temperance Movement

“Only Friend” is the next track on the EP. For me, I hold this track in especially high regard since it was through a video of this which turned me on to the band; so I suppose I’m going to be slightly biased when I say it’s the best track on the album. The harmonies on this sit beautifully on top of the whole grinding, grooving beat – the guitar work is simply phenomenal. I find there’s often to many two-guitarist bands, and for me, a two-guitarist band has got to do something special with the guitar arrangements. The Temperance Movement do just that; the guitars are perfectly in sync.. hell, it sounds like a 4-handed guitarist. Perfectly modest, yet not understated, but some of the tastiest guitar work this side of the Atlantic.

The Temperance Movement

So, you’re two tracks in to the EP, and by now you’re probably getting a bit pent up and hot under the collar. You start to question your ears – is it really this good? “Pride” calms you down, tells you to relax and reminds you quite simply; “yes, it is as good as you think”. Not many bands can go from good classic balls-out rock to laid-back ballad-esque vibes. These guys can.

But hang on, don’t get too relaxed! “Be Lucky” struts in front of you with a swagger matched only by the likes of Jagger, Richards and Co. Whilst the sound may have it’s roots in the likes of the Stones – this is no imitation! This is mature, hearty, rock and roll.

The album climaxes with the acoustic ballad “Lovers & Fighters”. Full of hope and aspirations, this is one song you expect to be – one day – played to a stadium full of fans. Cigarette lighters at the ready, folks! A slight departure from the rest of the EP, it shows the band stripped back to their bare bones. And that’s not a bad thing.

The Temperance Movement

This band is full of hope, and so they should be. Not many recently established bands can say they’ve played The Royal Albert Hall. These guys can. And whilst it may now be seen as a cliché to say they’re destined for bigger and better things – this is one band on the edge of breaking through big time. All they need is a slight push.
Oh, and a word of advice to the listener.

Trust your ears. It really is as good as you think.

Track listing
Ain’t No Telling
Only Friend
Be Lucky
Lovers & Fighters


Words by Ashley Gannicott.

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