1. a melodic phrase, often constantly repeated, forming an accompaniment or part of an accompaniment for a soloist.”

Do you love a good riff? I know I do and when I want my riff delivered, I want it delivered with a ton of groove and a beer & a shot on the side! Plymouth based rockers Grifter have razor sharp axes and cut one hell of a groove. I have had the pleasure of seeing them live and their 70’s tinged, boogie, rock and roll is phenomenal. This self-titled album has been available for a year now and I wish I’d got it when it was released as I missed a whole year without it blasting out of my stereo.

As mentioned before, the album is a riff heavy monster, with more hooks than a fisherman’s tackle-box. Indeed Its one of those albums that you always find yourself reaching for. In the car; what Cd shall I listen to? Grifter of course! In the house; what shall I listen to? Grifter of course! On the iPod; what am I in the mood for? Grifter of course! It just seems that for any occasion I can whack this on and let the music do its funky stuff. Down and dirty hard blues rock is the order of the day, churned out with a pinch of Southern boogie-rock.


There isn’t really a bad track on the record; so I’ll tell you my stand out favourites. Opener Good Day for Bad News is a class act and Alabama Hotpocket is pure filth. Young Blood, Old Veins has a riff to die for as does Asshole Parade. Strip Club and Piss & Gas sneak up; kick you in the scrotum and run off laughing like loonies. For fans of Clutch, Foghat, ZZ Top and Gentlemen Pistols.

All in all an outstanding effort from one of the South West’s best rock outfits!

Good Day For Bad News
Alabama Hotpocket
Asshole Parade
Strip Club
Young Blood Old Veins
Bucktooth Woman
Preacher And The Devil
Piss And Gas
Unwelcome Guest
Gone Blues

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Big Cartel:



Words and photos by Dan O’Gara.

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