False Heads

Coming from London is False Heads with their second EP “Tunnel Vision”, following up their debut “Animation Draining Needles”. Formed in 2010 False Heads have been working hard, and have made it to “Single of the Week” with New to Q, along with other top accolades.

With a sound somewhere between American college and Grunge, they capture the rawness of these genres perfectly. Whilst making their own mark on the sound blending in a softer feel to the proceedings, offsetting the raw nerve and punk attitude flowing through the EP.

Opening is “Fall Around” with a disheartened track about someone who messes you around too many times, with a sound that captures the Pixies with an uncanny precision. Whilst “Without A Doubt” brings a more punk attitude to the EP as the Drums are pounded out at speed amidst the chaos; “I’m in a coma. Pull me out. I don’t mind, I don’t care”.

“Where Is Your Man” opens with a summery vibe – not what is expected, but the rhythm gives it a punch, as the guitar gently flows through. Becoming distorted just for the chorus, reminding you that things are just that little bit bittersweet. However, it’s the vocals and lyrics that keep you in check with the edgy disillusion that underpins the EP.

False Heads

“Remedy”, much like “Where Is Your Man”, in so much as being a gentler track (“Where Is My Mind” vs. “Here Comes Your Man” in the title? and a a sound to match), if it wasn’t for the bassline keeping the rhythm in check. Closing with “Comfort Consumption” a fairly laid back sounding track, but one with some fairly dark lyrics – but these don’t show, almost as if the person in the song is resigned to their fate, and happy to get on with it.

Their hard work is paying off as this 4 piece have a full, albeit lo-fi and dissonant sound that flows. It has an aggression, and disillusionment that does not become tired or repetitive. It is great to hear something a little different being created these days, and these guys have a brutal honesty to their sound. Although anachronistic for some who went through the Grunge era, and the post-punk that followed, could this be laying down a path? Perhaps this is the new sound of British Indie/alt-rock? However you label it there is something fresh here.

The EP is free to download from their Bandcamp page, along with a couple of other tracks.

Line Up
Luke Griffiths
Jake Elliott
Mop Head
Jack Hertz

Track Listing
Fall Around
Without a Doubt
Where is Your Man?
Comfort Consumption


Words by Jon.

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