Where Skeletons Play

Leaning heavily on atmospheric progressive ambient rock (Öphew) this Bristol duo produce engaging soundscapes that worm their way inside your psyche and creep up on you when you least expect it!

Stitch (he who does all the vocals and vocal effects) and Bones (the one that does all the instrumentals) formed in 2011 and started making their non-compromised hard edged progressive music as a studio project. It soon gathered momentum on the internet and this EP is a result of that effort.

Where Skeletons Play

It kicks off with the Ghosts on the Frontline, whereas most EPís start with an up-tempo number to rapidly engage the listener, this gently pulls you in and acts as a long intro to the intrepid Never Born A Criminal. Taking influences from Tool and the mighty Pelican At Your Epicentre is an enticing song with slow build ups and sections of blissfull rocking out.
When the World was Black and White is my standout track, soaring and energetic in equal measures, it makes me want to go out running!and I hate exercising! The EP’s last track is the enigmatic 41526-004. Starting with beautiful lilting guitar work overlaid with spoken vocals it builds to a crescendo that serves as a perfect bow out to an upcoming British band that we can expect to achieve great things in the future.

Ghosts on the Frontline
Never Born A Criminal
At Your Epicentre
When the World was Black and White

Check out a couple of tracks here:

Words and photos by Dan O’Gara.