Tu Amore

Opening with a hard hitting sound Tu Amore have just released their new 7 track EP/Mini-album “Your Love”. Hailing from Peterborough these guys have produced a deep and thoughtful EP. One that should stand the test of time.

The EP opens with the powerful “I’m a Mess”, but soon settles into a softer sound, but one with darker overtones. Followed by “Bird In A Cage” it feels very restrained after the opening track, with a power that seems to be bubbling under the surface, with it’s steady drum beat driving the track, with softer guitars overlaying beat.

The tempo is upped, a stronger drumbeat, a change to the guitar sound, you are taken into “Speranza” which takes you into a world where the singer is questioning the love someone has for another. “I’d rather live in your hellish world, than live alone in mine”, “And won’t you love me?”. This sums up the bittersweet feel that permeates the whole EP, giving it that darker feel.

Tu Amore

“Wishing Well” close with an almost anthemic chant that I imagine goes down a treat with fans, as they shout out “and though we might not be much, and though we might not strong, we have the blood in our hearts, and the air in our lungs”.

For me the highlight of the EP is the track “Joan of Arc”, again that powerful sound, underpinned by the bass line, but yet a refrain that keeps your attention.

“Love With No Limit” is possibly the bleakest track on the EP, opening with a backdrop that includes a lone phone continually ringing. It’s this that sets the tone for this track to a tee.

The EP seems to be self-effacing, with what seems to be home truths, and raw emotion. They are bearing their souls. The lyrics have the power to haunt and stay with the listener. Couple this with the melodies, the pure rock vibe, versatile vocals, and effortless feel to the changing mood in the music. They have an exceptional EP of tracks that, despite their diversity, all fit an flow together, thoroughly unpretentious, and in it’s own way beautiful.

Line Up
Ben Mackereth – Guitars/Vocals
Ashley Morpeth – Guitars
Joe Davies – Bass Guitar
Karl Pickles – Drums & Percussion


Words by Jon “Department of missed deadlines”.