Every now and then, a new band pops out of nowhere with a fresh sound and intelligent prospects. Luckily Monty can cling to this tag, as despite only spawning this Summer, they have already managed to play a few shows and put down their ideas in the studio. I was sent four tracks by the New Forest based trio and I have to say I am impressed.


Their sound seems to be a colourful fusion of the surging might of Twin Atlantic, the indie Cindy aromas of Two Door Cinema Club and smooth vibes of The Temper Trap. This comparison is definitely a cocktail worth shifting over the counter. Despite this praise, I am not going to sugar coat things, this is nowhere near their full potential as they are a fresh band and we all know just how important time can prove to be. “Glass On The Road” hints that their youth has not betrayed them though as their song writing is no doubt mature. It’s certainly “Lost In The Flock” which steals the show for me as soaring vocal work wraps warmly around the wholesome instrumentals on offer.


Their sound isn’t just fuelled by buoyancy, as “Mannequin boasts a sobering factor which yet again highlights their impressive maturity, as their stabbing guitar riffs echo the likes of Franz Ferdinand. “Second Best” sadly doesn’t end things how I imagined with a fairly lethargic feel to end proceedings, but luckily hasn’t blunted my opinion of their previous efforts. This band boasts a fresh, mature sound which throws many elements of some of the giants of the industry into one juicy formula. This is not the finished article which is oddly a good thing; this band has a lot ahead of them. Things may seem promisingly peachy already, but as time goes by things can only get better for Monty.

Track Listing
Glass on the Road
Last in the Flock
Second Best



Words by George Fullerton.