Enos take their name from the chimpanzee that was blasted in to space to orbit the Earth as a precursor to John Glenn’s historic orbit flight that took place 3 months later. His mission lasted 3 hours, 20 minutes and 59 seconds and upon his return, the once surly and dour ape jumped for joy and ran around the deck of the recovery ship enthusiastically shaking the hands of his researchers”. Eyewitnesses say “it was like meeting a completely different chimp!”

Listening to this album is also akin to going on a voyage through space and time as musical glimpses of Pink Floyd’s early progressive rock, seamlessly combine with the modern riffage of – let’s say Monster Magnet to produce a unique sound that is all Enos. The excellent cover artwork is done by the aclaimed artist Alex Von Wieding.

Released via the Stargun Music label, the album is an engaging mixture of musical riffs and rhythms, going song to song, from Psychedelic to Stoner to pinches of Doom, all with a healthy Progressive overtone. This is a band making music for themselves first and foremost and if you like it too, well all the better. I like it. Scratch that I fucking love it.

From the heavy riffs of album opener and title track All Too Human to the gentle cascading flow of numbers like Obscured and Up And Down, Enos treat the listener to an aural smorgasbord of delectable sounds and invite you to gorge yourself stupid.

So my recommendation for this work is to find a quiet 35 mins, stick your headphones on, turn up your player, sit back and blast off into orbit with Enos as your pilot. Trust me you are in safe hands.
Standout tracks for me are All Too Human, Collisions and Another Solution.

Album download: http://stargunmusic.bandcamp.com/album/all-too-human

Track listing
1. And Beyond
2. All Too Human
3. Left For Dead
4. Collisions
5. Another Solution
6. Obscured
7. Devil Makes Work
8. Up ‘n Down
9. Who Knew


Words by Dan O’Gara.

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