The Action Plan

Bursting out of Bristol, although orignally hailing from South Wales, come “The Action Plan” with their debut album “Never Say Die”, due for release on the 10th December.

This four piece have put together a collection of stomping pop/punk tracks together that will get your foot tapping, and the audience bouncing. Opening with “Hometown Hero” with it’s catchy melody, and great guitar riffs, you get a good idea of what you are about to listen to. “Believe It Or Not” is more of rhythm led track it still keeps the “catchiness” levels high and pulls you in, and it is the catchy nature of the tracks that keeps you listening. There is just the right balance to stop the album becoming repetitive.

The Action Plan

“Had It All” takes on what feels like a slower, more considered approach. With a richer sound, and a more drum led sound this is probably one of the stronger tracks on the album. Through out the album the rhythm is key to all the tracks, providing the fabric for the other instruments. This is apparent especially on “Live Strong”, with the dual guitars giving great depth, and almost machine gun like drums keep the pace moving. “Never Say Die” follows with and shows what the guys are capable of, although it is over rather quickly.

Whilst “This One” is no doubt a firm favourite at live shows, and that no doubt goes down a storm with the fans with a beat that is easily to imagine the hand clapping and chanting. Throw in more great guitar work, and you can feel the mosh-pit bouncing.

The Action Plan

“So You Say” is almost the odd track out on the album. Still maintaining the feel of the rest of the tracks, however you end up paying slightly more attention to the lyrics and considering what is happening more than the other tracks. “I am sick of screaming, sick of dreaming, I want all this to end”. For this reviewer, one of the strongest tracks on the album.

Closing the album with “Suits and Ties” starts with, compared to the other tracks, an odd opening, but soon returns the listener to what they are expecting – more of the bands carefully crafted pop-punk. There is, however, some out of place electronic shennanigins about 2 thirds of the way through the track which are a little distracting.

Despite a December release, this album really needs the summer to make it shine. But the flip side of that is that it is great listen on a grey day!

These guys have something a little extra, a little special, to offer, and this should put them in a good position. Perhaps a little too much electronic trickery going on in places, adding some uneccesary layers. But this does not mask what is good fun, and catchy album. It has been said before that the pop-punk-rock arena is fairly crowded, particularly with the American sounds and influences. No doubt they will have to work that bit harder to succeed, but if they keep this up it should not be a problem for them.

“Never Say Die” is due for release on Monday 10th December.

Line Up
Danny – vocals/bass
Thom – guitars/backing vocals
Rich – guitars/backing vocals
Harry – drums/backing vocals

Track Listing
Hometown Hero
Believe It Or Not
Had It All
Live Strong
Never Say Die
This One
So You Say
Suits and Ties


Wordage by Jon.

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