Chaplin’s Bar, Boscombe

Admiral Shinysides

Over the last year a talented 3 piece combo called the Admiral Shineysides have been entertaining audiences in local Dorset venues and festivals with their very own original brand of acoustic country inspired by the likes of Johnny Cash and Elvis.

The band features Alex Cope (Guitar/Vocals), Elliott Bradley (Double Bass) and Dorset Unplugged award winner Andy Stock (Guitar). They can be seen on their regular monthly slot “Snakebite Saloon” at Chaplin’s Bar in Boscombe. Tonight is a special celebration as it is the band’s first birthday and as it is close to Christmas they have named it the Happy “Birthmas” gig. On hand to open proceedings is Jack Grace who has been particular busy this week with his own headline gig at the Winchester in Bournemouth and an acoustic session on Hope FM radio. Jack’s vocal delivery and skill of the loop pedal sets the bench high making for a highly entertaining set full of highlights one of these being his new single “406”. This is an emotionally charged song pays tribute to Jack’s cousin who was tragically killed while on active duty in Afghanistan.

Jack Grace

Jack Grace 12

The Admiral Shineysides have pulled quite a crowd tonight and there is no seats to be had in Chaplin’s tonight, word seems to be quickly spreading of their music. They kick off the first part of set with a couple of finely delivered covers including “Folsom Prison Blues” and Elvis’s “Hound Dog” which really get the party started with everybody in the audience singing along too.As well as the covers the band are writing their own material which are full of obvious influences, there is honestly no one around writing and performing anything like this. To add another dimension to their sound the band are joined by a saxophonist who also delivers really well. The second half of the set the band are joined by their fellow band mate Jack Grace who adds impromptu some delicate electric guitar word to the band’s songs. The original songs such as “Moonshine” and “The Gunslinger” show plenty of potential for the bands future with a possible EP, or album release maybe on the cards, at this early stage is obvious that Alex and Elliot’s pairing works so well and they are more than capable of entertaining on a much higher level.

The evening ended with some great encores including “Ghostriders in The Sky” and the rather energetic “Johnny Be Goode” which sees Alex dancing with his number one fan his Mother!! The Chaplin’s crowd seemed delighted with the evenings entertainment and give the band plenty of applause as the left the stage.

The Admiral Shineysides
The Admiral Shineysides 123


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