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UK Subs

It’s a mild Friday night in Southampton as the Talking Heads is hosting Punk legends UK Subs. Our party arrives 20 minutes late so we only catch the last 3 songs from South Coast “supergroup” The Glorias. Comprising band members borrowed from local luminaries Good Time Charlies and Night of Treason they proceed to dole out some good ol’ fashioned dirty “R ‘n R”. Their sound is altogether very tight and their vocalist Gez has great range, and a confident stage prescence. For me though there’s nowt dirty about their sound, it’s actually very accomplished. Rock n Roll it is, dirty it aint!! “Life’ll Get Ya” was a single from their forthcoming album and sounds great tonight before they leave us with “Trail of Tears” and “Broken Hell”. Midsong bassist “Nish” goes a wandering into the pit area, joined by Billy (guitar), head down in concentration. Mark (2nd guitar) and Den (drums) hold their positions leaving a few punters to dance around the others, before returning to the stage to finish the song and take the plaudits.

The Glorias
The Glorias 1234

A quick turnaround sees Night of Treason take to the stage, accompanied by their trusty Chopper (bike)! Their set is comprised mostly from their back catalogue and one or two choice covers. They open with “Can’t Remember” followed by an anthemic “Boy’s Brigade”. “If You Wannit” is delivered in the usual speedball fashion while “Ballad of The Teddy Boy” is an early highlight. “My Town” as always gets everyone singing along before singer “Pinky” (Wallis) brings out the Chopper! It’s all too much for one female punter down the front who takes this as an invitation, and promptly starts writhing around on it before pedalling away in the pit area – coming to a grinding halt at the bar as punters dive for cover! Once the frivolities are over it’s back to the songs. “Speed and Glue” precedes a somewhat downbeat ‘White Riot’, altho parity is restored with a great “Clockwork Orange Street”. Pinky then exclaims “this is your last one as me voice is fucked”! An excellent “White Man in Hammersmith Palais” follows as his voice starts to fade. They too get a great round of applause as we wait for the main event.

Night Of Treason
Night Of Treason 1234567891011

With little fuss the Subs take to the stage. They waste no time and dive straight in on familiar territory with a setlist we’ve all come to expect. Jamie (drums) ferociously batters the skins on the intro to “Emotional Blackmail” and the pace is retained on “Kicks”. “You Don’t Belong” follows before before a lightning speed “Left For Dead”. “Rockers” gets the first big singalong before “Down on The Farm” drops the tempo somewhat, allowing Charlie (vox) to catch a breath. The classics continue as the crowd just get wilder. Charlie announces a couple of newies, never the same set with a Subs gig. However, “Party in Paris” is a set highlight. “Police State” gently warms us up for the now expectant singalong of “Warhead”. Tonight is the first time I have seen (relative) newcomer to the fold Steve Straughn (guitar), who replaced Jet about a year ago. He has comfortably made the transition and made it his own, energetic and constantly shapeshifting. “Riot” is another crowd favourite, then again most of their songs are! And so after a riotous 45 mins they leave the stage.

UK Subs
UK Subs 1234567

Five minutes later they return for a two-song encore. It was always going to be “Stranglehold” and the crowd duly respond. Charlie recalls how he thought the Plymouth crowd the previous evening were pretty wild, (a few boo’s fill the room)! However, he praises this South Coast audience for their reaction tonight as they depart us on ‘Disease’ and this energetic bunch just go mental. Charlie thanks us and they exit stage right.

Despite poor numbers last time they were in town, tonight saw good numbers and an almost full room here at the Talking Heads. Proof if ever it were needed that this is a thriving scene down on the the South Coast. And while the ‘older’ bands are still doing the business it’s up to the new breed to step up. Another great night of Punk had by all.

Set Lists
The Glorias
Cruising With The G Men
Let’s Go
No Mercy
All Systems Failing
The 903 or Black Leather
Rollin’ On
It’s All Good
Life’ll Get Ya
Trail of Tears
Broken Hell

Night of Treason
Can’t Remember
Boy’s Brigade
If You Wannit
Ballad of the Teddy Boy of Labroke Grove
Young Conservatives
My Town
Speed and Glue
White Riot (The Clash)
Clockwork Orange Street
White Man in Hammersmith Palais (The Clash)

UK Subs
Emotional Blackmail
You Don’T Belong
Left For Dead
Down On The Farm
Endangered Species
Young Criminals
Barbie’s Dead
Fear of Girls
I’ve Got A Gun
Crash Course
Party in Paris
Police State




Review, Pictures and Videos by Ross A. Ferrone

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