Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth


On a cold Thursday evening the temperature inside the Wedgewood Rooms is rising in anticipation of one of Rock’s finest.

I arrive late due to the appalling weather and a motorway crash to catch the end of Lafaro’s set. This is a band who bludgeon the senses with the sheer power of their delivery. Thunderous drumming and some great guitar lines compliment a confident vocal delivery from these four Irish lads. Amonst their post/hardcore laden offerings there’s a smattering of headliners Therapy? in their songs. Johnny (guitar/lead vox) is both confident and humourous while Dave (guitar/vox) is ‘chief headbanger’ in the band. Oisin (bass/vox) is the grinning hairy one in the band while Alan (drums/vox) supplies the power. I wont try and pidgeonhole them as I feel they have a sound all their own, with a few obvious influences. But, as openers they set the bar high for second band Hawk Eyes while leaving to good applause.


LaFaro 1234567

Leeds based Rockers Hawk Eyes take to the stage and deliver a confident yet mixed bag of songs. A band who describe their sound as “Rock and Riffs”, they too don’t disappoint. Part melodic,part post/hardcore in places. For me 2nd song “Kiss This” is their standout tune but their entire set keeps one interested, such is their diversity. ‘Dead Man’s’ is also a belter of a track. Paul (lead vox/guitar) puts everything into the vocal – he needs to with the wall of sound around him on this song! Hawk Eyes are a young-ish band and Paul tells us they need to keep “upping their game on this tour” having to follow Lafaro. It’s a brave statement but they seem to be doing fine. Ryan (bass) shoegazes most of the set while Rob (guitar) is “chief shapeshifter”. Steve’s drumming is effortless while retaining power throughout. They end on a high with the excellent “Bears” and also leave to good applause.

Hawk Eyes

Hawk Eyes 12345678910111213

It’s been 3 years since Therapy? last came down South, but it has been worth the wait. Previewing material from their latest offering “A Brief Crack of Light” they take to the stage to the sounds of “Marlow”. Where better to start then with perennial cover “Isolation”. If ever there was a Therapy? setlist “to die for” then it’s tonight. The quite excellent “Stories” follows and the crowd start to move. Andy, Michael and Neil have gone down the “smart” route with their attire tonight-all shirts and ties etc, but let’s not detract from the music! First single from the LP “Living In The Shadow…” goes down a storm while older tracks from the back catalogue don’t disappoint. Michael (bass) is energetic in the extreme tonight while Neil’s drumming is as potent as ever. Andy looks happy all night long as he patrols the stage while bantering with the crowd. I have to say “The Buzzing” is my least favourite track on the LP, and yet it works so well live. Set highlight “Teethgrinder” gets us jumping and its at this point the crowd really get involved. “Die Laughing” is dedicated to the late Dad’s Army star Clive Dunn before new single “Before You, With You, After You”. The faster version of “Diane” is a triumph while “Stop It You’re Killing Me” also gets a dedication – this time to our banking system! Andy is in full flow now!

After an energetic hour they leave us, returning for an 7 song encore. Third, and final cover of the night The Misfits “Where Eagles Dare” sees some ferocious moshing but they save the best ’til last. “Nowhere” warms us up for crowd favourite “Screamager” before an extended “Potato Junkie”, incorporating “I Wanna Be Your Dog!” Andy gets us singing the chorus until he’s satisfied we’re loud enough! The venue may only be two thirds full but everyone leaves happy. No two Therapy? shows are ever the same but this is up there with their finest. Andy says they’ll be back next year – on this evidence most of this audience will too!


Therapy 123456789101112

Intro : Marlow
Isolation(Joy Division)
Living In The Shadow Of The Terrible Thing
Why Turbulence
The Buzzing
Bad Mother
Die Laughing
Before You, With You, After You
Get Your Dead Hand Off My Shoulder
Diane (Husker Du)
Stop It
Ghost Trio
Little Tongues First
Where Eagles Dare (The Misfits)
Meat Abstract
Potato Junkie (Inc. I wanna Be Your Dog)


Review By Ross “Fragrant” Ferrone
Videos by Chinners “It wasn’t me”
Pictures by Jon “Don’t look at me” Musselwhite
Fragrance by Ross “sorry guys” Ferrone

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