The Maze, Nottingham

3 Daft  Monkeys

As we enter October, the same old depressing, dreary weather emerges from our miraculous Summer. Our only way to briefly avoid this sorry mishap is simple though; find yourself a sweaty venue and a line-up brimming with energy and hibernate there for a few hours. My first visit to The Maze won’t be my last, as the intimate venues authentic charm suited tonight’s atmosphere perfectly.

As a gradually filling venue swells with cider and hearty conversation, support act, Bleeding Hearts take little time firing up their engine fuelled by folk punk anthems laced with infectious mandolin melodies and enormous choruses. Their outlandish protest songs wonder into modern realms as the aptly titled ‘Blackberry Riots’ preaches about how smart phones should never have been given to teenagers. As the band appropriately slow the tempo around the middle of their set, their drummer belts out a powerful vocal display with character and deliverance down to a tee. Bleeding Hearts were a real discovery tonight; powerful, infectious and enthusiastic.

Bleeding Hearts
Bleeding Hearts 1

As tonights headliners stroll onstage, a quick glance around the crowd instantly reveals a major factor as to why 3 Daft Monkeys are such a special band. It’s the look of genuine thrill and love for this outfit in the eyes of their spectators, and as Athene’s violin playing catalyses an explosive response from the crowd, we all find ourselves inextricably drawn to the passion and energy this band possesses. Although older material such as “Paranoid Big Brother” receives an ecstatic sing along and vibrant dancing, newer material from current release “Of Stones and Bones” sees the outfit exploring their sound like never before. Luscious harmonies, ear-to-ear smiles and outrageous dancing allows this band to control an audience like no other.

It’s smashing past single “Day of the Dance” which draws the Plaudits as each member of the decently full venue finds a partner and proceeds to sway majestically (well, about as majestically as you can get with a pint in one hand) and soak up the elegant instrumentals and intoxicating voice of frontman Tim. Just as you thought majestic was tonight’s theme, the famous tempo change in this song orchestrates its usual chaos as a cauldron of bouncing and polite moshing swirls in the middle of the crowd.

3 Daft monkeys
3 Daft monkeys 12

When it comes to providing a warm atmosphere of wide smiles, drunken dance moves and infectious melodies, 3 Daft Monkeys will forever reign supreme. Their charming humour, inviting stage presence and universal appeal summarises an outfit which many hold close to their hearts. Despite never talking to the members, I feel as if i have got to know them simply through their performance. We don’t tend to give ratings here at Rock Regeneration, but f**k it; 10/10! Absolutely stunning.


Words by George “The Man In the Field” Fullerton