“This Is What We Are” is the debut LP from London Punk/Rock/Metallers Fuckshovel. With a name like Fuckshovel one knows they are out to grab your attention. On opener “Germs of Empire” they set out their stall early.

Some “rat a tat” drumming, Wildhearts-esque guitars and loud anthemic vocals over the top on this song which could easily have been titled “Out of Control”. “The Antidote” follows next in a similar vein-big snare intro, great guitar work and a stadium-filling vocal. Some crunching guitars at the end really works for me but the song is overlong. However,in the live arena it probably works as a lengthy piece. “Long Time Dead” yet again sticks with the the formula with its big guitar intro and is a contender for my favourite track. The anthemic shouts of “Long Time Dead” throughout the song really carry,as does the “whispered” section mid-song-a real Rock gem. “Black” quite simply warns of the virtues of crystal meth consumption stating “all I got is what I can’t remember,everything is black”!! Apart from the noodly middle 8 there isn’t a lot else to say!


“Schizophonic” carries on the good work but it’s at this point in the LP where the big heavy drum intro’s take over. There’s a guitar riff in there reminiscent of Peter and The Test Tube Babies but I feel overall the song is stifled a little in the lyrics. “Vegas Nerve” is one of the weaker songs on here,despite an excellent intro and a great guitar line. “Auslander” has some wonderful chord changes and a lyrical content about one’s refusal to take orders. Whether fiction or fact it works with its big anthemic singalong ending. “All You Got” once again echoes the Wildhearts in the intro,there’s a great echoey vocal assault before the more snarly Punk chorus of “Is That All You Got” takes over. I can imagine this to be a live favourite.


“Skull and Bones” has an even faster drum intro as we move nearer Punk territory. The slow/fast elements to the song are a great feature as is the ending. “2500 Days” has another frenetic “machine gun” intro but then descends into the weakest song on here. Another noodly middle 8 and some self indulgence in the lyrics it really doesn’t go anywhere! “Portia’s Box” ends the LP with a song about death (which we don’t get from the title)! Not a bad way to end the LP although as with 2500 Days I find the ending self indulgent again. There’s a 33 second “swearfest” at the tail end which needs no introduction, explanation, or description!!! A decent debut from these Londoners, solid vocals, and musicianship, and a style mostly their own with a smattering of outside influences.

Line Up
ack Death
Randy W
Dave ‘Dr Satan K’ Hirschheimer

Germs Of Empire
The Antidote
Long Time Dead
Vegas Nerve
All You Got
Skull And Bones
2500 Days
Portia’s Box


Words by Ross A. Ferrone.

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