Agatha's Garden

When Agatha’s Garden reformed a couple of years ago it was a breath of fresh air for some locally, that one of the local area’s leading lights of the genre should “dust off the cobwebs” and go again.

With this in mind they have re-issued this LP of classic songs which I shall attempt to “re-appraise” for 2013. Opening with the title track is just perfect in this case, as it is an excellent, atmospheric simple little tune. Some clever sequencing accompanied by what sounds like “electro” drums, it’s part film score background music,part walk onstage pre-performance music. Either way it’s a triumph. “The Girl Who Loved You To Death” has a great tempo with clear crisp vocals, and audible instrumentation throughout. Not really Goth, more Death Western/Rock n Roll with its great middle 8. “Run” is more of the same with a bassy intro and its “story telling” lyrics. The clangy guitars in the middle 8 work well,as do the “marching band” drums of the outro.

“Now I Wake Up” is the first “Goth” tune proper on here but has all the elements. A strong vocal from Dean, matched by great drumming from Tom and Tony’s heavy bass. The clangy guitars and subtle cymbal works a treat as this song transports the listener right back to 1985! ‘The Statue Moved’ stays in the same territory with its guitar led intro. It’s hard to work out whether this song is an ode to a lover or a piece of pure fiction. Either way it is a highlight of this LP. “The Collector” is a fast-paced Rock n Roller of a song. Lyrically challenging “I’m sick of collecting loneliness…..”, one wonders where the inspiration came from? Nevertheless it’s another belter of a tune on this collection. The classic clangy middle 8 is in there too which works for me. “Rest In Pieces” is Old Skool Goth at its best with a smattering of Punk and more than a nod towards Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”. That said it has enough trademark AG about it to call it their own.

Agatha's Garden

“Subconscious Love Affair” is big,ballsy and loud. The rasping guitar intro and big bass and drums sit well behind Deans strong vocal which is loud and wholesome. The lyrics are sung with honesty and energy. Halfway through the song shifts through the gears getting faster making this the standout tune on the LP. “Love Is A Four Letter Word” is a simple, low tempo love song,almost apologetic in its simplicity. Excellent song structure and a dreamy middle 8, one wonders if it’s a true story or just imaginative fiction-you the listener should decide. “Ultra Violent Life” is more Punk than Goth with more than a generous heap of “Strange Town”-era Jam in both the music and the vocals. I’m sure it’s not deliberate but it’s another LP standout. The LP ends on the quite excellent “Triffid” which needs no explanation, being one of their oldest songs. A song about a plant-say no more, just let the lyrics tell the story. A great live staple and a great version on here. With the supposed burgeoning Neu-Goth scene in full flow in Britain right now, what better time to re establish yourselves back in the scene. With the band writing new material we wait patiently for the follow up.

Track Listing
Goth But Not Forgotten
The Girl Who Loved You To Death
Now I Wake Up
The Statue Moved
The Collector
Rest In Pieces
Subconscious Love Affair
Love Is A Four Letter Word
Ultra Violent Life

Agatha’s Garden are
Dean Scholey – Vocals/Guitar
Tony Nation – Bass
Tom Selwood – Drums


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Words By Ross A Ferrone

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