The Joiners, Southampton

Heaven's Basement

Western sand kicked off the evening with their high octane Southern Rock Boogie these guys are really honing their craft at the moment and the Joiners were digging the vibe they were putting out. Duelling guitars supported by a kickass rhythm section, rock ‘n roll ecstasy! This was probably the best Iíve seen them, looking forward to the Rock Regeneration 2nd Birthday gig which will see them support Voodoo Vegas.

The place is packed and as it’s the last night of their tour and Heavens Basement are in the mood for a party. Celebrating the release, and multitude of good reviews garnered by new album Filthy Empire, they take to the stage and start to obliterate the crowd with a barrage of good time upbeat party rock, very reminiscent of Terrorvision. Vocalist Aaron Buchanan keeps the audience engaged visually as he span around and worked his way through the entire manual of “rock vocalist poses”. But he backed it up with a strong vocal performance enhanced by his good natured banter.

Western Sand
Western Sand 12345678

Playing Joe Perry to his Stephen Tyler lead guitarist Sid Glover had the ladies around me asking for any good photos I took of him. An extremely gifted player, he was mesmerising as he belted out anthem after anthem laced with blistering solos! With Rob Ellershaw handling the Bass duties and Chris Rivers making light work of the Drums, itís surprising how these guys aren’t as well-known as they should be.
With sweat dripping of both band and punters the show comes to an end and once again The Joiners proved to be one of Southampton best live venues for putting on quality shows like this one!

Heaven's Basement
Heaven’s Basement 1234567891011

Heaven’s Basement
Welcome Home
Canít Let Go
Fire, Fire
I Am Electric
The Long Goodbye
Lights Out In London
Heartbreaking S.O.B
Nothing Left To Lose
Jump Back
Reign On My Parade
Executioners Day


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Word and Photos: Dan O’Gara.

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