The History of Apple Pie

When your band’s name is “The History of Apple Pie”, it’s pretty essential that your sound lives up to being as delicious as the dessert it was derived from. Luckily, “Out of View” which is captivated by an eccentric blend of atmospheric buzz saw guitar tones and cotton candy like vocal work has allowed this band to live up to these expectations.

Once the stadium worthy “See You” begins to unfold in front of you, itís almost impossible to not drift away into an indie rock induced daydream, as surging melodies and dreamy backing vocals set this album in its stride. Itís “You’re So Cool” which highlights the essence of dreamy, fuzzy pop as elements of Sonic Youth, Radiohead and Blur coincide beautifully to create a genuinely emotionally stable and warm atmosphere about this record. Guitarists Jerome Watson and Aslam Ghauri can take a hearty chunk of the credit behind the originality of this record, as their teamwork captivates this bands sound effortlessly.

The History of Apple Pie

So to summarise, if you’re in the mood for sinking slowly into a different world, this is certainly the spacey sugar coated sorcery you’re after. Itís also worth mentioning the way each track blends seamlessly into the next, so any vinyl lovers out there; a seamless listen is the best way to experience this record in its true form. Pour yourself something strong and drift away into the next day. It’s a stunning effort from a band which is set to turn out as one of this year’s most exciting outfits.

The band play the Joiners Arms in Southampton on 13th February and also play a free gig at Sixty Million Postcards in Bournemouth on 16th February.

The History of Apple Pie

Track listing
1. Tug
2. See You
3. Mallory
4. The Warrior
5. Glitch
6. You’re So Cool
7. I Want More
8. Do It Wrong
9. Long Way To Go
10. Before You Reach The End


You’re So Cool


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Words by George “mmm apple pie” Fullerton

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