Black Market Serotonin

Black Market Serotonin is a trio of musicians from Manchester, who hooked up after Uni in 2010.

Consisting of Andrew Pimblott, who plays guitar, vocals and keyboards. On the bass is Lee Campbell and on drums and percussion Michael Colman. The album is an absolute cracker! From the off opener Singularity is a solid instrumental of power prog rock leading nicely into the awesome Deadbyfiveoclock which, with its superb vocal lick, is a standout track.
The album goes from strength to strength, The End of History sounds like Porcupine Tree meets The Stone Roses, whereas Irons in the Fire is an epic slice of rock with a very Muse type of feel to it.

Black Market Serotonin

The album slows down a tad with the hauntingly beautiful Purity before adapting a 70ís prog style 2nd half, consisting of a five part aural buffet of excellent atmospheric music. Something from Nothing parts I to V takes the listener on a journey of well-crafted songs that showcase the bands exceptional talents. Album closer Hours is a lovely acoustic number that sets you down gently after the five part rollercoaster.

Standouts for me Deadbyfiveoclock, Irons in the Fire, Something from Nothing Parts II & IV, and Hours. For fans of Porcupine Tree, Tool, Muse, The Mars Volta and Coheed and Cambria.

1. Singularity
2. Deadbyfiveoclock
3. The End of History
4. Irons In The Fire
5. Purity
6. Something from Nothing Part I
7. Something from Nothing Part II
8. Something from Nothing Part III
9. Something from Nothing Part IV
10. Something from Nothing Part V
11. Hours


Words: Dan “I likes me a bit of Prog” O’Gara

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