Brighton 3 piece Ragweed have a new EP in the offing which opens with a number called “Mind Bottling”, which displays some Therapy-esque guitar and drums.

The tortured screams of Tom (guitar/vox) are largely unintelligable but I imagine that’s deliberate. To coin a phrase all of their own it’s “ear-ringing”, which isn’t in dispute. Is it filthy however, you the listener must decide! It certainly isn’t pop!! On “Habit” there’s an interesting intro and some fierce hitting from Nick. More screaming follows where a more audible vocal (I feel) would work equally well. The “Get Outta My Head” chorus is sung with real anger on this scuzzy number which follows the same vein. “New Tricks” has better vocals over the scuzzy guitars alongside Nick’s strong drums. There’s a great bridge with a wonderful bass-line and drum fills on (for me) the standout track here.


“Fat Collapse” opens with Sophie’s bass,some pounding drums and more screaming! The driving guitars and big middle 8 are not unpleasant despite the screeching vocals to finish. (To this) reviewer there’s elements of Sonic Youth in the guitars which works well here. For a band who describe themselves as having influences ranging Melodic Punk, Melodic Rock, Metal, Punk, Scuzzy Surf Rock one is left in no doubt what Ragweed are about.

Mind Bottling
New Tricks
Fat Collapse


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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