Butcher In The Fog

Coming from London are Butcher In The Fog with their alternative take on Grunge/Metal. No doubt emerging from the night time fog to take poor innocents.

Opening with “Cow Song” you get barraged with frenetic rhythm as the skins are pounded into submission, whilst the vocals are spat at you-three minutes of raw unadulterated energy being hurled at you.

It wasn’t till the end of Flinch that things started to fall into place; peel back the raw, almost punk vocals, and there is some twisted distorted rock underpinning the tracks. Hold Me don’t Need Me reinforces the Rock, while keeping up the fuzz and bass.

Butcher In The Fog

Although no obvious Jack the Ripper references, there is enough going on here to keep you on your toes. You wouldn’t want to meet these guys on a dark night, unless you bought a ticket!

Open second time through the album, you get to hear the riffs, and hooks that might have passed you by first time round. If you like your Rock edgy and raw, yet with sludge styled guitar riffs and some hefty distortion, then these guys are going to float your boat.

Butcher In The Fog

Line Up
Alex de la Cour – Drums,
Emmy Porter – Bass
Yanni Georgieu – Guitar/Vocals

Cow Song
Hold Me Don’t Need Me
Rabbit Punch
Stage Peasants
Black Vomit
Man With A Movie Camera
Don’t Be So Dramatic


Words by Jon.

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