Cry Havoc

Described as “high octane”, they have the force to take the world by storm. To quote “the power of Pantera, the swagger of Skid Row, and the attitude of Guns ‘n Roses”.

Opening he EP with “Losing Everything” you are given a fast paced injection of metal, with vocals ranging from the guttural to the melodic, all on a backdrop of machine gun drumming, heavy guitars, and mighty riffage. It all grabs you and refuses to let go.

“Ignition” continues the aural assault with great guitar work and that non barrage of drums keeping the tempo up. While “Alone” opens with Gavs guttural voice screaming, then not exactly calming saying, or even stating, “Go”. This track seems more laid back, but this is no from a vocal delivery perspective. It still packs a punch, and the maniacal laughter gives it a little edge. Closing the EP is “New Life”, the title track, closing with as much energy and aggression as the opening “Losing Everything”.

Cry Havoc

Usually I say “the only negative thing is that I wish this was an album with more tracks” – I am not sure my ears, stereo, or family could take much more of this cranking out at 11!!! No holds barred ear ripping metal. Not only do they rip your ears off they have a good munch on them. And there is no tape included to stick them back on with.

Cry Havoc

“New Life” is available on 15th April.

Words by Jon.

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