the Hunger Pact

With an undisputed passion for music Ed Rogers has pointed us in the direction of the eponymous “The Hunger Pacts EP”, an ever evolving music project who are currently they are writing their second EP and building a Live Band.

Opening the EP I thought for a split second it was a take on Green Day (“I walk this lonely…”), with that brief wobbly guitar sounding intro (I know all the technical terms me!), and just as that idea formed in my mind BANG – the track hits you between the eyes as the drums pummel at your senses. There is a rawness to the vocals that just adds to the attitude, whilst the guitar riffs keep pummelling you up until the end.

the Hunger Pact

Next up is the onslaught called “My Heart, My Soul” the slight reverb on the vocals give it almost an alternative feel, a twisted rock ‘n roll (to quote “My Heart, My Soul, My Rock ‘n Roll”), tie this in with the driving guitar I almost felt it was akin to some goth punk from years gone by. This track does seem to bring out a more punk element with regards to attitude.

the Hunger Pact

But it is after “My Heart, My Soul” that the EP takes a u-turn, with “If My Heart Could Sing” which is a softer track, with some delicate guitar work it is underpinned by some heavy bass. Throw in the vocals, and harmonies, and despite the u-turn this comes off as great track. With almost a hint of the 70’s to the vocals. Followed by, and closing the EP is the slow, and melancholic “Goodbye” you are left wondering what just happened! From hard rock sound of the opening track, to the laid back closing tracks, you taken on a journey that has carefully left you wondering what it’s all about! So much so, you go straight back for another fistful!

Cracking EP, can’t wait to hear what else they have up their sleeves! Check out the free download on their homepage.

Track Listing
Fight On
My Heart, My Soul
If My Heart Could Sing


Words by Jon.