Sandford Music Factory

Hailing from San Sadurnio in the province of A Corua in the autonomous community of Galicia in northwestern Spain. This band have set their sights high and with release of this second album, Awen just might get the recognition they deserve. Taking the brave decision to sing in English like their compatriots Eldorado, rather than their native tongue, will surely see them make an impression in the European rock scene.

The whole shebang kicks off with a very Who influenced riff that quickly jumps into a full blown rocker. Excellent vocal harmonies jostle for position with superb melodic guitars. With one foot planted in the 70’s and the other in 90’s grunge territory, Sanford Music Factory explores the gamut of those years and styles it to suit them. The tracks line up well and the whole album is a jaunty affair that has you tapping your toes and nodding your head in time to the beat.

Sandford Music Factory

Whilst drawing heavily on such influences as Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots and Reef they still maintain a uniqueness that sets them up to be a potential killer act. The last third of the opus delves into slightly more proggy territory, with Keys to The Horizon parts I to III, adding touches of Zeppelin & Uriah Heep to the mix, which serves the round the whole thing off in style. Excellent music coming out of Spain at the moment!

Standout tracks for me are: Nowhere, Marionettes, Save Me, The Keys Of Horizon Part II

1. Nowhere
2. The Spiral
3. Marionettes
4. There And Then
5. Show Me The Rain
6. Save Me
7. Marbles
8. The Keys Of Horizon Part I
9. The Keys Of Horizon Part II
10. The Keys Of Horizon Part III

Words Dan O’Gara.

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