Hellbound Hearts

Hellbound Hearts from York have a new EP called “Outside”, are set to take over the world this year.

These guys have a new 4 track EP called “Outside” that packs a nice little punch, from it’s rock opening with some interesting electronic sounds (radio tuning?) nestles into a nice catchy rock vibe with a rhythm that demands foot tapping as the vocals match this infectious start with the chorus crying of “it could happen to me, it could happen to you”. All bundled with some great guitar work, catchy bass, and punchy drums. Great opening to any EP!

This is promptly followed by “Mr. Cynical” a more laid back track that still packs a punch with it’s older sounding guitar work. The track ticks all the boxes, catchy, great hooks, strong beat, but it just feels lacking when stacked against the rest of the EP. Maybe I am just being cynical?

There is a consistency to the sound they produce, but plenty of variety to keep each track fresh, from the bass riffs, and tight drums, to the vocals. This 3 piece have a great chemistry that works exceedingly well.

Hellbound Hearts

“Sinking Ship” cranks up the tempo again as Dannys vocals match the tempo without missing a beat grabbing your attention, whilst the furious drumming is matched with the strong guitar work. This is one track that hits you right between the eyes, and is a turnaround compared to “Mr. Cynical”, and no doubt the catalyst for some action in the pit.

Closing the EP is “Hold Steady” a more furious rock ‘n roll track, which feels like it sums up the essence of the EP, not to mention a great way to close. The track has a great rhythm which carries the mighty guitar riffs (they claim they can level a city block with their rhythm section, and they might getting close to it!), making the track almost anthemic, and definitely packs a punch.

Hellbound Hearts

The EP shows a bright future for HH, you can argue it is not pushing any boundaries but then again it fires up the soul, and gets the adrenaline pumping, and at times who needs more? Lets hope they can keep this up. With a tour and a string of festival dates they could be one to watch out for!

The EP is available from iTunes.

Line Up
Danny – vocals/guitar
Andy – drums
Jase – bass


Words by Jon.

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