After a fate-influenced meeting in a local music shop Grimshaw and Dan struck up a friendship that eventually went on to form one of Bournemouth’s most exciting live Metal acts “Endea”. Their riff-laden energetic shows full of channelled aggression, with huge passion, deliver the audience something uniquely special. The four-piece dig deep from a multitude of influences to create a sound that continues to evolve with each song they write.

The four-piece band have recently finished work on their debut album “Into Oblivion”. The album is a collection of favourites that have been a staple part of the band’s live set for a while. The album opens with a short piano intro; a Public Service announcement about the threat of nuclear destruction and a host of voices singing the powerful lines “Into Oblivion”, before the guitars light up introducing us to opening number “Grimshaw”. A full on metal assault with pounding rhythms; coupled with twin guitars, combining with menacing vocals. The album continues with an even heavier “Signals” where the vocals give gruff screamo, united with some powerful clean vocals to great effect.


The band state that their music is set in a ‘conceptual post-apocalyptic dystopia’ and is based on fictional environments drawn from real-world experiences. Once we get to track four with “Tormentor” you begin to feel the full power of this foursome’s musical chemistry. Here they have created a huge tune that delivers in all areas. Just as we are getting comfortable with their musical style they drop “August”. A tune that turns what we already know on its head. The tune is much more Thin Lizzy than Metallica, showing that these guys are very diverse and unpredictable.

The album really shows the continuing evolution of Rock music with Endea taking influences from the big bands of the past and building on them with new fresh ideas. “Runaway” is another full-on metal assault, and “The Well” shows the band in more uncharted territory, with something a lot softer but working equally well. “Mourning” is a really deep and mysterious piece of work that pulls on all our senses. It has some really atmospheric, epic guitar that works just as well live as in the studio. “End of the Road” shows the continuation of “Mourning” with the two tracks joining seamlessly together.


The album ends with the full version of the title track showing the band keeping up their momentum of quality right to the end. Endea have brought us a debut album that’s really impressive from start to finish, these guys have put in a good deal of post-production work and certainly have kept an eye on every detail. The band clearly love what they do and have a passion for playing live, entertaining every audience they play in front of. This album showcases the band’s huge ability and should catapult them onto larger stages with bigger audiences.

Track Listing
Into Oblivion
The Well
End of the Road
Into Oblivion

Endea are
Grimshaw Endea – Vocals and Guitar
Dan Stamp – Lead Guitar
Dave Elliott – Bass / Backing Vocals
Arron Bennett – Drums



Words by Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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