The Barnum Meserve

Knowing very little about these guys, but having heard that they are for fans of NiN and Soundgarden; I was not prepared for what hit my ears. I can see why those comparisons are made, but it was not the sound I was expecting!

Opening with Leon’s gentle piano work “War Games” is an expansive, yet almost intimate track; even when punctuated by the sparse vocals. Upping the tempo (relatively!) with “Open Your Eyes” you feel familiar with their sound and Leon’s vocals are strangely familiar, at times it even felt there were hints of Pink Floyd – yet I could not decide between Gilmour or Rogers! The vocals gave emotion to the lyrics – at times even a pained feeling.

Through “Colours” there is an orchestral feel to the guitar work, which just manages to lift you up. Check it out…

“Last Forever” opens with more piano work, giving an atmosphere-inducing sound. This track possesses a very gentle vibe With its bare rhythm; mainly held with the clicking of the sticks, only venturing further as the track opens up. But even then, everything still feels refrained.

Even at its most passionate the album still keeps everything in check, and controlled. “Losing Sleep” just flows gently across the speakers and epitomises their sound. The strings, percussion, and those vocals just drawing you in.

The Barnum Meserver

I loved this album; from the piano work to the strings and the rhythm underpinning it, giving gravitas to the whole proceedings.

These guys are aiming high, and I can see no reason anything should stop them. They describe themselves as “Epic Pop Rock”, but for this listener it is more ‘Cinematic Rock’. There is an undeniable maturity that betrays the “Pop” aspect of the tag, and the cinematic nature of their sound is strong. The soaring guitars and vocals, through to the pervasive nature of their orchestral sound. In fact re-reading this review it is hard to think I am describing an album that is fundamentally Rock, and not some form of Trance or ‘modern classical’.

“The Barnum Meserve” is available on the 6th April.

Line Up
Leon Wiley – Piano and vocals
Paul Moss Pearce – Drums
Dylan Griffiths – Bass Guitar

Track Listing
War Games
Open Up Your Eyes
Don’t Be Afraid
Last Forever
Half Mast
Underneath The Grey
Without Numbers
After The Fire
Losing Sleep
Take Shelter


Words by Jon.

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