Observing The Ghost

Released at the start of April on Coffee Jingle Records this is an interesting album. One that ticks a number of boxes, in an unusual yet enticing way.

Observing The Ghost was founded in early 2011. The band have been slowly developing a following across the South coast, making a name for themselves due to their energetic & impressive live performances.

“Burn The Tsunami” is feast for the ears; from the guitar licks through to the solid beat, all capped off with Brads passionate vocals. They cite numerous influences, from Radiohead, Pink Floyd, through to Paramore and Mars Volta. With a list including those names you know that things are not going to be “standard”. Especially when they primarily describe themselves as performing “Ghost Rock”. Now, it is safe to say that the album is not gothic or ambient, but it is possible to catch glimpses of many genres.

The album also has varying tempos that keep the listener engaged-“Sunset” drops the tempo and the vocals mirror this change yet maintaining numerous layers to the sound that leave you waiting for that kick of power to hit, yet they keep it tightly formed with delicate vocal harmonies. Whereas “Counter” ups the tempo but keeps things steady using multiple rhythms, providing an interesting texture to the strained vocals.

Observing The Ghost

Closing the album is 4 acoustic tracks. Personally I feel that these could make or break an artist. How good are they without the gadgetry? Can they make tracks that can work at a simpler level, or translate? Well there is no fear here, in fact I felt some of the tracks carried a little more weight to them once played acoustically.

There are times when I felt that the vocals would not be harmed from a little polishing, specifically the higher end of the scale. But they do not detract from this being a great album, not just technically but one that has soul to it. It is one that perhaps needs to be approached with caution. It will not be for everyone, yet an album that needs to be listened to without interruptions (a rare occurrence in my household!). All of this does not take into account that this is their debut album, and its shows a high level of competence.

Their debut release, 2011’s “We Will Find The Sun” 5 track EP is available as a free download, and a link is on their Facebook page.

“Burn The Tsunami” is available from iTunes, and Google play.

Line Up
Brad Dorey – Vocals/Guitars/Keys.
Ben Ysselmuiden – Bass/Keys/Backing Vocals.
Billy Higgs – Drums/Backing Vocals.
Brad Garland – Guitars (live).

Your Little Accident
Not Every Piece Of me Survives
Let’s Just Say
Burn The Tsunami
Heaven Is Sleeping (Acoustic)
Your Little Accident (Acoustic)
Burn The Tsunami (Acoustic)
Rebirth (Acoustic)


Words by Jon.

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