Dorset’s very own masters of prog ‘Galahad’ release on the 6th of October, their 3rd EP of a trio released this year. This recording is something quite different and may surprise their army of regular followers. The song is called “Mein Herz Brennt” which translated in English means “My Heart’s Burning”.

This particular offering contains four very different versions of a track by German Industrial giants “Rammstein”. Frontman Stuart said that is started off as a bit of fun jamming in the rehearsal studio and the song morphed into four fully fledged versions of this classic track. To see the original version by Rammstein check out the video;

They do not usually play covers as they have such a huge amount of their own original material, this is quite a departure for the band.

The four versions include a Piano/Vocal version, English Version and a full-on fully loaded version. Galahad are well known for their experimental side which takes them well outside the box, this has seen them using influences from the world of dance and even dubsteb. Stuart Nicholson’s vocal performance here cannot be faulted, sounding very sinister in German and a little more like himself in English. The inclusion of Louise Braunton-Curtis’s violin work is just excellent with some really skilful keyboard arrangements by Dean Baker.
Their music shows no real barriers and it is just amazing to see this 30 year old band still willing to embrace modern styles of popular and alternative music. This little excursion onto the Industrial autobahn will delight fans old and new. I’m sure Rammstein will be more than pleased with these interpretations of this great song. The track was mixed and recorded by Karl Groom at the Thin Ice studios in Surrey and is available on many of the online platforms including i-Tunes, Cd Baby and Amazon.


Words By Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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