With a title like this what is not to leave you at least a little curious? What we have here is a an exceedingly complex mash-up of almost everything.

Describing themselves as a multi-genre EP, encompassing everything from Rock, Metal and Punk to Dubstep, DnB, Drumstep Electro.

Well, it is complex.


When encompassing so many styles it comes out as being predominantly electronic, at least in sound. With samples, dub-step, a solid techno beat, searing guitar work, this should leave just about anyone satisfied. Of course, when you fuse together so many styles it is easy to alienate almost everyone.

But then again if the title peaks your interest then this is probably for you.

Opening with a disco funk line, a hint of dub-step, you know that this will not be normal, but thoroughly modern. “I Can Feel It” is an instrumental piece, with a solid beat, that flows well. Followed by “The Instructor” these two come across as club tracks, although I tend to think that this has more of a House feel to it (not my area of expertise tbh!), yet as the track progresses it has a darker feel to it as the synths, and sequencers to their magic, and The Instructor himself talks to you, and compliments you.

“Walk Away” is closer to metal/hardcore with its mix aggressively delivered lyrics, as well more regular vocals, but underpinned with a fast electronic tempo and a mix of what sounds like dubstep vs. Nintendo. In fact I almost felt there was a hint of the Bloody Beetroots, or perhaps even Winchesters’ Reventure without the reggae! This is possibly the most accessible track on the album, as well as the strongest.

Closing with “Activate” an instrumental track that starts with an almost Art Of Noise aesthetic, it soon evolves into what might be considered Aphex Twin fighting with the Propellerheads.


I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this EP. It is different, it does try to be genre defying, and there are certainly no prejudices with the styles used. The 4 tracks land mainly in the electronic synth camp, but there is willingness to bring in anything, and that makes this EP stand out. With its complex layers, tempo shifts, and blending of rock and dance styles this an ear-opener!

Available on iTunes, and Google play, and from what I can gather just about everywhere else!

Line Up

Words by Jon.

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