Another Dead Hero

ADH (one letter short from ADHD), is an alternative band from Burnley, Lancashire. They identify themselves as RMT cocktail (equal measures of Rock, Metal and Grunge well shaken and poured over ice), although I would also add post-industrial alternative and nu-metal to the mix.

Founded over a decade ago the latest album the band released was about a year ago with a romantic name “Dystopia” ( release date Sept 13, 2013).

It was quite a lengthy album if you ask me: 12 tracks in total filled with adolescent emotional suffering and protest, in a way reminding me of P.O.D.

Mystical intro takes us into the album. Almost meditative music lasts for 57 seconds, followed by threatening “Change the game”.

Then there is “Greed” – rhythmical pulsating tune, imagine swinging right to left to this one, as opposed to the established front to back. Not only the tune is good, but the lyrics are topical – “we crashed the system, we watched it fall”. Those are quite inspirational words for many of us who are tired to be part of this all absorbing destructive structure.

I absolutely love track 8 – “Stoner”! Do not take it as a propaganda of irresponsible lifestyle, but this track is just amazing. It’s like a warm soothing honey slowly pouring over the album. It still has the rhythm, but it’s more chilled and mellow.

The album is finalized by the remix of “Remember this day” – differently refreshing approach.

To be honest with you, when I first heard music of “Another Dead Hero”, I instinctively thought “Not my cup of tea, but the quality is good”. But then the more I listened to the album, the more I got into it and grew to appreciate it. It reminded me of my late teens when we all experience certain level of aggression and indifference towards the world that surrounds us. But then I realized ADH are describing emotional states of people of all ages and raising the topics that concern us all.

Another Dead Hero

No wonder the album is called “Dystopia”, all of its tracks have that Orwellian feel, makes you believe for the moment that we live in one of his well known novels – “1984”, and we might just do.

This album is not an eye opener, but a gentle reminder about the world we live in. I think guys have done a good job at not just presenting us with good music, but also with a deep meaning behind every track and even an ideology in some way.

Line Up
Josh Baldwin – Vocals
Craig Robertson – Bass
Garry Connor – Drums
Dan Crawshaw – Guitar
Josh Beckwith – Guitar

Track listing
Change The Game
Bullshit (Voice of Lies)
I Don’t Care
Fist Full of Anger
Control MKII
Feed Me Your Lies
Remember This Day (Remix)



Words by Veronica Kavaliova.

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